A detailed explanation of EVA film Extrusion Line

Background technology of EVA film extrusion line:

GWELL as manufacturer of automation Eva film extrusion line, In plastic extrusion molding equipment, the plastic extruder is usually called the main machine, and its supporting follow-up equipment plastic extrusion molding machine is called an auxiliary machine. After more than 10 years of development, the EVA film extrusion line has been derived from the original single screw in a variety of models such as twin screw, multi-screw, and even screwless.

GWELL as manufacturer of automation Eva film extrusion line, Plastic extruder (main machine) can be matched with various plastic molding auxiliary machines such as pipe, film, holding material, monofilament, flat wire, packing tape, extruded mesh, plate (sheet) material, profile, granulation, cable coating, etc, to form a variety of plastic extrusion production lines to produce all kinds of plastic products, so plastic extrusion molding machinery is one of the widely used machines in the plastics processing industry now or in the future.

When the plastic extruder heats the plastic to a molten state, the barrel is the heat conductive part. The plastic is indirectly heated by heating the barrel, which means that the barrel is an integral part of the plastic extruder. To this end, an EVA film extrusion line was produced.

Composition of EVA film Extrusion Line

eva poe solar film extrusion line finished product display

Latest design EVA film extrusion line includes a rack, one end of the upper surface of the frame is fixed with a transmission motor, and one end of the transmission motor is fixed with a gearbox; one end of the gearbox is rotatably connected with a screw, and one end of the screw extends to the inside of the outer cylinder; one end of the outer cylinder is fixed with an organic head connector; the upper end of the outer circular surface of the outer cylinder is installed through the feeding port;

A control platform is fixedly installed at one side position of the upper surface of the rack close to the gearbox; the feeding cylinder, the feeding port, and the outer cylinder are fixed and installed inside the outer cylinder; and the two ends of the cooling module are respectively fixedly connected with the barrel through pipes.

EVA film Extrusion Line products

EVA film, also known as an environmental protection film, is a film produced by EVA raw materials through the EVA film extrusion line, is a new generation of green environmentally friendly degradable materials, biodegradable, waste or burning will not cause harm to the environment, specific gravity density is about 0.93, odorless, no heavy metals, no phthalates, high transparency, soft and rigid, super Strong resistance to low temperatures (-70 degrees), water, salt, and other substances, high heat transfer and other characteristics.

Product Classification of EVA Film Extrusion Line

eva poe solar film extrusion line 3 1

GWELL has two types of EVA POE solar film extrusion lines: one is a single screw extruder, which can produce single-layer EVA or POE film. The other is co-extrusion. It can make not only a single layer EVA or POE film but also three layers of EVA/POE/EVA film (EPE film). It will be based on customer requirements.


1) Principle

The last thread of the material port began to call the conveying section material here; requirements can not be plasticized. Still, to be preheated, squeezed, the old extrusion theory believes that the material is loose, later proving that the material here is a solid plug, that is, the material is extruded solid like a stopper, so as long as the conveying task is its function.

2) Use of single screw extruder

Pipe extrusion: Suitable for PP-R pipes, PE gas pipes, PEX cross-linked pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, ABS pipes, PVC pipes, HDPE silicon core pipes, and various co-extruded composite pipes.

Plate and sheet extrusion: Suitable for extrusion of PVC, PET, PS, PP, PC, and other profiles and plates. Extrusion of various other plastics such as wire, rod, etc.

3) Design concept and features

High-speed, high-yield extrusion based on high straightness.

2. EVA film extrusion line co-extrusion machine

1)Co-extruded composition

It consists of an extrusion system, a transmission system, and a heating and cooling system. The extrusion system includes a screw, barrel, hopper, nose, and mold. The plastic is plasticized into a uniform melt through the extrusion system and is continuously extruded by the screw under pressure established in the process.

2) Features

Continuous production, high efficiency, simple operation, and wide application range.

pvc tpo eva waterproof sheet extrusion line details

5. Application of EVA film Extrusion Line

EVA film thickness 0.08mm-3.0mm is mainly used for daily necessities: umbrellas, raincoats, suit jackets, eye masks, tablecloths, shower caps, shower curtains, water bags, ice bags, tablecloths, etc.

Hygiene products: medical-surgical gowns, special packaging for medical and medicinal materials, backpacking and packaging of food, etc.

Packaging supplies: dust covers for computer appliances, cosmetics flexible packaging, shopping bags, gift bags, folders, file bags, etc.

Fashion packaging: handbags, cosmetic bags, high-grade stationery, eco-friendly saliva shoulders, closets, fishing bags, bags, etc.


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