Analysis of the characteristics of GWELL’s high-quality EVA film production line

The quality of EVA film production line is the key to directly determining the quality of the products produced. In an era of emphasis on quality, for GWELL, as a China automation eva solar film machine Supplier, a rigorous production line is the foundation that can guarantee the development of the corporate brand. Therefore, choosing a high-quality product line is the key to ensuring smoothness and efficiency in the production process of an enterprise. So how to choose a high-quality production line? This requires an understanding of the characteristics of GWELL’s high-quality production lines to ensure that a truly satisfactory production line is selected.

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Performance characteristics of EVA film production line

1. Solve production difficulties

The extruder usually used for a high-quality EVA film production line is single screw extrusion. The screw barrel constant temperature circulating water cooling system can solve the technical difficulties related to plasticization and non-crosslinking.

2. Solve the technical difficulties of adhesive film adhesion

High-quality production lines can use double-sided embossing to solve the difficulty of film sticking.

3. Fully automatic control

China GWELL’s high-quality production line has been realized. The whole line adopts a fully automatic control mode, and at the same time, it can realize the comprehensive operation of the human-machine interface. Thereby, the production efficiency can be improved and the high-efficiency production of the production line can be guaranteed.

4. The shrinkage rate is controllable

The shrinkage rate is very important for the production of the film, and a high-quality production line can adopt a cooling method and a stress-relieving cooling bed for the cooling part to achieve the purpose of reducing the shrinkage rate, and at the same time, the film can run smoothly and ensure that it is fully shaped.

5. Quality monitoring system

As a China automation EVA solar film machine manufacturer, GWELL has always brought more development space for manufacturers in the era of quality-oriented, scientific, and advanced technology. The high-quality production line is specially equipped with an online quality monitoring and control system, which can ensure the qualified rate of the produced products.

Efficiency characteristics of EVA film production line

1. Reduce the labor intensity

High-quality production lines can ensure production efficiency. In addition, it can effectively reduce labor intensity and improve labor efficiency, so that the total amount of products in the entire system can meet the standard, it can reduce the trouble of assembly and disassembly, and can easily complete the secondary handling.

2. Can realize colorful manufacturing

High-quality production lines can also add different colors according to relevant needs during manufacture, so as to create colorful products. And the addition of color will not affect its own paste performance. Even after the flushing occurs, it can be pasted at will, so that it can be made into various shapes. Therefore, it can not only meet the production needs of different colors but also meet the production needs of different shapes. For such a multi-functional production line, it is the production line that many manufacturers must choose.

3. The production speed is adjustable

The advantages presented by the many different product lines of the EVA film production line are different, and the high-quality production line can be adjusted for the production speed. Under such superior performance, production efficiency can be effectively guaranteed.

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EVA film production line can produce products

1. Daily necessities

This production line can meet the production of many different products, including daily necessities, such as umbrellas, raincoats, various tablecloth shower caps, aprons, etc. These products can be produced through this production line.

2. Hygiene products

The more types of products the production line can produce, the stronger the superiority of the production line. Generally speaking, a high-quality EVA film production line can meet the production of sanitary products, such as surgical gowns and baby diaper films, etc. These are relatively high production requirements, and production lines that can meet the production of these products must be reliable. of.

Long service life

1. Low loss and fast speed

A high-quality EVA film production line has the advantage of long service life, and will not lose materials. The overall turnover speed is relatively fast, and in the case of a large number of turnovers, it can also save costs. In the case of low cost, high-efficiency production can be achieved, which can bring higher efficiency and benefits to production enterprises.

2. High equipment configuration

The quality of the equipment equipped with different production lines is also different. It is necessary to know that the production efficiency of the production line that can be presented by different configurations of equipment is different. In the era of pursuing high efficiency and high quality, it is necessary to ensure the superiority of the production line. Only in this way can the foundation be laid for later production. If the overall performance of the production line is poor or there are many disadvantages, it will affect the quality and efficiency of production.

The information listed above is the characteristics of GWELL’s high-quality EVA film production line. When choosing a production line, you must pay attention to understanding the relevant configuration and advantages of the equipment equipped in the production line, whether it can meet the needs of production, and whether it can ensure the smooth production process and the quality of production. Only a production line that can guarantee production quality and production efficiency is a reliable choice. It should be noted that do not choose inferior production lines in order to save the cost of production lines. It is important to know that a high-quality production line can not only ensure high production efficiency but also ensure the quality of production, while effectively guaranteeing the service life of the production line. GWELL as China automation EVA solar film machine Supplier is worthy of your trust and ownership!


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