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Although you can get the catalogs of plastic extrusion equipment, there may be more details that you are interested in. GWELL extrusion line manufacturer will await your contact at any time.

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Shanghai Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd.​​

 Room 1519, 15th Floor , No. 89 Jilong Road, Free Trade Area,Shanghai City,China

Yancheng Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd.​​

No.90 Shenfeng Rod,Dafeng Economic Development Zone,Yancheng City,Jiangsu,China

Suzhou Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd.​​

No.16 Donglin Industry Park ,Guojia Road,Chengxiang Taicang,Suzhou,China

Nantong Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd.​​

 N0.188 Chenggang Road,Chongchuan Zone,Nantong City,Jiangsu,China