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Many people know that plastic is a material, but they don’t know that there are actually many different types of plastic. According to the difference in the material of plastic itself, the depth of environmental protection concepts, and the use of many different scenarios, etc., plastics are not. The traditional one is as simple as that. Then when it comes to plastics, we will naturally talk about two kinds of plastics one is PP, and the other is PS. Different materials need to use different production line requirements, then pp ps sheet extrusion line manufacturer becomes the job to complete this job, And the only condition for upgrading. So today I will discuss all the information content of these pp ps sheet extrusion line manufacturers.

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Material difference of pp ps sheet extrusion line manufacturer

1.PP material

PP is plastic polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic resin. And according to different arrangement positions, there will be three distinctions: syndiotactic polypropylene, atactic polypropylene, and isotactic polypropylene. No matter what kind it is, it is colorless solid, non-toxic, and odorless, and its melting point is as high as 167 degrees, so it is resistant to corrosion, heat, solvent, oil, weak acid, weak alkali, etc. Therefore, steam is used. Disinfection can also be performed. Not only that, but this material is relatively strong in rigidity, low in density, and light in weight, making it one of the lightest products among many other plastics. The usage rate is also relatively high now. It has been able to replace many other materials, which is much better than the previous ordinary plastic.

2.PS material

Pp ps sheet extrusion line manufacturer’s PS is also one of our more common plastics, polystyrene plastic, which has ordinary polystyrene, high impact polystyrene, expandable polystyrene, and metallocene polystyrene. Styrene and so on. Mainly because the fluidity of this PS material is better, so the processing performance will be better, dimensional stability is also relatively high-quality, generally used for injection molding, blow molding, welding, printing, and other processing methods for manufacturing is one of the ideal materials, the key is that it is more suitable for injection molding. Not only that, but it also has excellent light transmittance, so it is also used in the manufacture of glass or optical instruments, such as lampshades and so on. This can withstand a certain temperature, and can not deform, and the usability is quite strong.

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The difference between the two sheets of pp ps sheet extrusion line manufacturer

1.One of the differences

Hardness and plasticity effects are different. The toughness of PP will be much better than that of PS, but because of the toughness, the hardness will be worse than that of PS. Therefore, if you want to distinguish these two materials, it is also very simple; you only need to tap. If it is PP, the sound will be dull, but if it is PS, the sound will be relatively crisp.

2.The second difference

GWELL, a Chinese plastic extruder manufacturer, understands that the thickness of the two materials is very different after they are made. This is actually because of their different hardness and plasticity effects, so products that want to achieve similar effects often need to have different size requirements. If it is also necessary to make a barrel, the thickness of the PS barrel is thicker than PP because PS is relatively tough and not easy to break, so PS must use thickness to break this. Therefore, if pressing the two materials will have different soft and hard feeling under the condition of similar thickness, it can also be used as a criterion for judgment.

3.Difference No. 3

GWELL as a Chinese plastic extruder manufacturer, conductivity, cost, and use are different. The PS produced by China pp ps sheet extrusion line manufacturer has better insulation and is transparent. The light transmittance is much better than that of plexiglass, and the hardness is average. Therefore, it is better to use this material for transparent insulating objects. Using it on the lampshade is one of them.
But on the contrary, the field of PP is larger, such as materials used in home appliances, carpets, woven bags, etc., and it is more inclined to the production of daily necessities. And because it is lighter, the cost will be higher. It will often be used instead of wood or metal items.

Choice of pp ps sheet extrusion line manufacturer

1.More product types are needed

In fact, for China pp ps sheet extrusion line manufacturer, various types can guarantee the needs of all customers. Therefore, when customers choose a manufacturer, a manufacturer that can provide customers with more comprehensive needs can genuinely meet the actual needs of customers.

2.Necessary for automation equipment

In fact, many China pp ps sheet extrusion line manufacturers now use automated equipment, so for customers, automated systems are also necessary. For GWELL as a China plastic extruder manufacturer, for the manufacture of molds, accurate data, and Only accurate molds can truly match the product. It is also a trend that manufacturers will inevitably develop in the future.

China pp ps sheet extrusion line manufacturer makes our plastic products show more different appearances through high-precision technology and allocates the occasions reasonably according to the difference of the plastic itself, which can better achieve the concept of environmental protection. Let plastic play a bigger role.


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