General operating instructions for sheet extrusion lines (2022 new)

Operational steps

1.Startup steps of sheet extrusion line

  • Close the main power supply of the sheet extrusion line and the protection switch;
  • Turn on the key switch, the power indicator light is on (green), the temperature control meter, ammeter, speed indicator, pressure gauge, speed governor control panel, etc.
  • Heating: The machine head, sieve plate furnace and screw are heated. The set temperature is as follows.
partsnoseSieve plate furnaceScrew temperature 
Screw temperature 
Screw temperature 
Screw temperature 
Screw temperature 
Set temperature190~205215~225175~185185~205210~225215~230220~230
  • The heating time of sheet extrusion line: the sieve plate furnace must be heated for more than 4 hours, the fuselage is heated for more than 3 hours, and the three-roller mixed water for one hour; (first add the head for 1 hour, then add the fuselage, each temperature is 20 higher than the set standard, and the set temperature is adjusted back after normal boot).
  • Boot production: adjust the three-stick gap before starting, the clearance height is consistent with the production plan product thickness, but the actual product thickness after the normal production of the product, measured and slightly adjusted; adjust the three-roll gap should be careful not to enter the iron and hardware (including feeler) into the gap extrusion, so as not to damage the three rollers; normal adjustment height should be less than the thickness of the production plan order 0.05mm is appropriate, during the trial production of the product Fine-tuning.
  • Before starting the sheet extrusion line, should check the loading situation, and prohibit the unloaded operation of the host, when starting, should start the motor, start must slowly accelerate, and slowly feed, start the host speed should be controlled below 10 rpm, see that the material is normal, the ammeter reflects normal, only slow down to normal speed.
  • Because the host current display value rises due to the rapid feeding speed; in order to prevent the operator from speeding up too high and causing safety hazards, the control value (i.e. the upper limit alarm value) is set according to the process requirements, and the company stipulates that the upper limit of the host current is 75 Hz;
  • Start the circulating water pump and adjust the opening of each stop valve;
  • Start the lubricating oil pump to check the oil level and lubrication of the machine;
  • Start the active machine and set the operating speed value of the main motor governor;
  • For packing production, set the packing amount according to the speed of the governor. After the product is discharged and formed, set the cutting width of the product, whichever is specified in the production plan.
  • According to process requirements, adjust the speed of the winding device to wind qualified products.
  • After the sheet extrusion line is started normally, check the compatibility of temperature, voltage, speed and settings regularly.
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2.Downtime steps

When the sheet extrusion line needs to be stopped, the hopper gate should be closed first, and then slow down to stop, so that only a small amount of raw material remains in the screw. In case of sudden power failure, the hopper gate should be turned off, all power should be cut off, and the main motor should be slowed back to zero.

When stopping, the hopper gate should be closed first, and stop at a slow speed, so that only a small amount of raw material remains in the screw.

  • Stop the tractor.
  • Stop the winder and disconnect the air valve.
  • Disconnect the main power switch of the sheet extrusion line.

Precautions for sheet extrusion line

  • If there is abnormal noise or vibration in the main machine or transmission system of the sheet extrusion line, please press the emergency stop button to stop the machine immediately;
  • When the sheet extrusion line fails, inform the mechanic, completely lift the fault, and adjust the speed regulation link of the main motor and packing machine to zero before starting the machine again;
  • While gradually increasing the speed of the filler and increasing the feeding amount, close attention should be paid to the main motor current and melt pressure to avoid overload of the main motor or excessive head pressure;
  • The general shutdown adjusts the speed regulation link of the main motor and feeder to zero;
  • When the sheet extrusion line is combined with the internal screw, do not remove the tail group, so as not to be properly toothed during reassembly;
  • The sheet extrusion line must be operated in strict accordance with the operation steps when it is started, stopped and stopped.

Maintenance instructions for sheet extrusion line

1. Daily maintenance of sheet extrusion line:

Maintenance itemsFrequency of maintenanceMaintenance methods
Machine cleaning1 time/dayWipe the surface of the main unit and the control distribution cabinet with a dry cloth
water valve switch1 time/dayThe rotary regulating water valve is properly opened to ensure the normal opening and closing of the water channel
Lubricating oil, oil level, oil temperature2 times/dayThe lubricating oil pump is running normally, no leakage; the oil level is 2/3, the oil temperature is 30-60 degrees
Cooling channel1 time/dayIs it leaky and unobstructed
Heating elements2 times/dayIs the fever normal and the temperature is within the normal range

2.Regular maintenance of sheet extrusion line

Maintenance itemsFrequency of maintenanceMaintenance methods
Power distribution control cabinet1 time/monthUse a vacuum cleaner to clean internal dust
Wiring terminal1 time/monthFasten each terminal with the appropriate tool
Lubricant replacement2 times/yearTurn off the main power supply listing, clean the lubricating oil tank thoroughly, and add new lubricating oil to 2/3
Cooler cleanup2 times/yearRemove the inner wall appendages of the heat exchange pipe with thin wire until it is clear

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