GWELL: Brief Analysis of China PP PS sheet extrusion line


Since the invention of plastic, the use of plastic has been continuously expanded. Today, the total global plastic consumption is unprecedented. In 2020, the plastic use of China PP PS sheet extrusion line had reached 100-120 million tons, and the total global plastic consumption has exceeded 600 million tons. The massive consumption of plastics is unprecedented. According to statistics, plastic products account for more than 50% of the packaging industry, and plastic sheets occupy a considerable proportion.

The so-called plastic sheet refers to soft flat material with a thickness of 0.2~2mm and hard flat material with a thickness of less than 0.5mm. There are many molding processes for plastic sheets: polyvinyl chloride calendering method, PMMA casting molding method, thermoplastic extrusion molding process, simple equipment, low cost, high impact strength, so it has been extensively developed, especially the expansion of the blister process the application range of thermoplastic sheets.

GWELL factory workshop real shot

China PP PS sheet extrusion line Common sheet

1.PP sheet

PP sheet has high transparency, good barrier properties, low density, are non-toxic and hygienic, and can be recycled. It does not produce toxic and harmful gases when heated or burned, does not harm human health, and does not corrode equipment. It is a new type of PP sheet. Green environmental protection packaging material.

2.PS sheet

PS sheet is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material developed in recent years. Its excellent thermoforming performance, good impact resistance, environmental protection, and hygienic performance are widely used in medicine, food, toys, electronics, and clothing. Packaging products, PS sheet of PP PS sheet extrusion line once became the mainstream of packaging products. Still, the thermal performance and price of PP PS sheet extrusion line are not comparable to PP sheet, so the development speed of PP sheet exceeds that of PS sheet.

3.PET sheet

PET sheet is a colorless and transparent plastic material with good crystallinity and high toughness. It has a fine appearance like glass, is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, flammable, and has good air tightness. The linear expansion coefficient of PET plastic material is small, and the molding shrinkage rate is low, only 0.2%, which is one-tenth of polyethylene and smaller than that of PVC and nylon, so the size of the product is stable. In addition, the blister packaging products produced by PET materials have good mechanical strength. The expansion degree is similar to that of aluminum. The strength is nine times that of polyethylene, three times that of polycarbonate and nylon and it has moisture-proof and fragrance-preserving properties.

What is PP PS sheet extrusion line

In the current market, the PP PS sheet extrusion line is still dominated by single-screw models, and the equipment cost is much lower than that of twin-screw models. China GWELL’s PP PS sheet extrusion line has stable feeding and can plasticize the raw materials well under various formulations, ensuring the toughness of the sheet and avoiding the sheet’s thermal deformation in the later stage. Fragile, uneven color, etc.

As a supplier of efficient PP PS sheet extrusion line, China GWELL’s twin-screw model has a higher cost, but other aspects are excellent compared to single-screw. With the twin screw, the design flexibility of its thread structure is more flexible, which ensures the feeding of the extruder. At the same time, it makes the formula material have better dispersion in the barrel, and the sheet will be more uniform. Compared with the same models on the market, GWELL’s equipment has a better price/performance ratio.

APET PETG CPET sheet extrusion line show

Features of PP PS sheet extrusion line equipment

  1. The twin-screw independently developed and designed by China GWELL, according to the material characteristics of PP/PS, and at the same time carry out a specific thread structure design, so that the material can be properly plasticized and maintain the characteristics of the material itself. And it is also suitable for the production of high temperature resistant PP/PS sheet and low temperature resistant PP/PS sheet to meet the sheet’s transparency requirements and thickness uniformity requirements during blistering.
  2. The unique vacuum structure makes the PP/PS raw materials not need to be dried in secondary use and can achieve the required vacuum degree to ensure the transparency of the sheet and the high-quality sheet surface.
  3. The high-quality transfer oiling system ensures the uniformity of oiling on the sheet’s surface. It avoids the appearance of streaks on the surface of the sheet, which affects the visual effect of the product.
  4. There are two structures of the traditional winder and automatic winder, which can meet customers’ needs for standard small output and large output and help customers reduce labor costs.
  5. The efficient and stable control system makes the equipment pressure and speeds more stable. The precise control system enables the equipment to become more comfortable in improving output and equipment performance.

PP PS sheet extrusion line control system

  • Intelligence is the development trend of the current era, and it is also an inevitable trend. Intelligentization can lead us to a new level. Making intelligent equipment more professional is also the pursuit of China GWELL.
  • HMI man-machine interface, one-screen browsing of the system parameters of the whole machine, easy to operate.
  • China PP PS sheet extrusion line equipment adopts the international first-line brand–Siemens frequency conversion, servo control, Ethernet conduction technology control to achieve high efficiency, precision, stability, and security. The intelligent advanced control system and the rapid network transmission speed significantly reduce the transmission error of information.
  • Digitization enables our equipment to quickly locate errors and perform remote maintenance when faults occur. Channel-level diagnosis and error analysis can be achieved through HMI, which significantly reduces debugging and production downtime. The highly digital and intelligent system makes debugging easier and maintenance more convenient.

As a pioneer of twin-screw in China’s plastic machine industry, GWELL is constantly innovating in development, and has a good reputation today and is recognized by customers. PP PS sheet extrusion line, as one of the main products of GWELL presses, has an absolute advantage in the large environmental market. Since its establishment, China GWELL has been focusing on the independent research and development of core components, both in terms of the overall performance of the equipment and the cost-effectiveness.


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