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As a plastic extruder manufacturer, GWELL’s pp ps sheet extrusion line commonly includes single extruder single-layer sheet extrusion line and double-extruder co-extrusion three-layer sheet extrusion line. This is a three-layer sheet extrusion line for the production of PP, PET and PPS (also known as “ceramic”). It is widely used to produce PPS sheet, PP sheet, PET sheet, etc.

Has an excellent sheet extrusion line in the application by development. Can be used to produce PP, PET and PPS (also known as “ceramic”). It is widely used to produce PPS sheet, PP sheet, PET sheet, etc. This was made possible by developing different PP sheets with excellent compatibility in the application. We have developed this extruder combining various technologies such as vertical and horizontal axis technology and various materials with high compatibility in the application.

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Mold structure of pp ps sheet extrusion line

The mold structure of polyvinyl chloride resin extrusion molding sheet production line is mostly fishtail type and screw distribution type.

Polyolefin resin, ABS, polyester and polystyrene extrusion molding plate (sheet) materials generally use branch pipe molding die. The mold structure is simple, the volume is relatively small, and the adjustment operation is also convenient.

pp ps sheet extrusion line is difficult to process and complex in structure and shape, but the flow distribution of the melt in the mold is better and the residence time is shorter, so it is more suitable for extrusion molding of heat-sensitive PVC resin.

Equipment Features

1. The self-developed and designed twin-screw is designed for PP PS sheet, and a specific thread structure design is carried out at the same time, so that the material is properly plasticized and the characteristics of the material itself are maintained. And it is also suitable for low and high temperature resistant PP PS sheets to meet the transparency requirements and thickness uniformity requirements of the sheets during blistering.

2. The unique vacuum structure of the pp ps sheet extrusion line makes it unnecessary to dry the PP PS sheet for secondary use, and can achieve the required degree of vacuum to ensure the transparency of the sheet and the high-quality surface of the sheet.

3. The high-quality transfer oiling system ensures the uniformity of oiling on the surface of the sheet, and avoids the appearance of smudges on the surface of the sheet, which affects the visual effect of the product.

4. There are two structures of traditional winder and automatic winder, which can meet the needs of customers for ordinary small output and large output, and help customers reduce labor costs.

The characteristics of the control system

Intelligence is the development trend of the current era, and it is also an inevitable trend. Intelligence can lead us to a new level. Making intelligent equipment more professional is also China GWELL’s unremitting pursuit.

HMI man-machine interface, one-screen browsing of the system parameters of the whole machine, easy to operate.

The whole equipment adopts the brand–Siemens frequency conversion, servo control, and Ethernet conduction technology control to achieve high efficiency, high precision, high stability and high security. The intelligent advanced control system and the rapid network transmission speed greatly reduce the transmission error of information.

Digitization enables our equipment to quickly locate errors and perform remote maintenance when faults occur. Channel-level diagnosis and error analysis can be achieved through HMI, which greatly reduces debugging and production downtime. The highly digital and intelligent system makes debugging easier and maintenance more convenient.

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Pp ps sheet extrusion line benefits

pp ps sheet extrusion line for single layer sheets. Extrude multiple layers at the same time. PP PS sheet extrusion line for single layer sheet. Extrude multiple layers at the same time. PP PS sheet extrusion line is used for three-layer sheet. Simultaneously extrude multiple layers in one process. PP PS sheet extrusion line is used for three-layer sheet. Simultaneously extrude multiple layers in one process.

In addition, it has been widely used in plastic and rubber products, as well as as a feeding system for rubber equipment and other applications such as wire ropes and belts. It is also widely used as an electrical insulating material, forming open-celled structures of low density and high yield strength, and has been found to have good thermal conductivity due to its good thermal conductivity.

Features of PP PS sheet extrusion line

PP PS sheet extrusion line is a three-layer extruder system that can be used for a variety of sheet materials including polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, etc. Advantages include:

1. Can be used for multi-layer material extrusion with 100% accuracy and high output.

2. Small size and light weight, easy to handle and transport.

3. High flexibility in use and control, meeting various machine requirements for various processing parameters in the relevant market.

4. Supply a large number of materials widely used in layer extrusion, such as PET, PVC, etc.

5. Easy to operate and maintain.

The twin-screw model, although the cost is higher, is superior in other aspects compared to the single-screw. The twin-screw, the design flexibility of its thread structure is more flexible, which ensures the feeding of the extruder, and at the same time makes the formula material have better dispersion in the barrel, and the sheet will be more uniform.

Compared with similar models on the market, our equipment has a better price/performance ratio. As a pioneer of twin-screw in China’s plastic machine industry, China GWELL is constantly innovating in development, and has a good reputation today and is recognized by customers.


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