GWELL elaborates on EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line purchasing knowledge

For Chinese manufacturers, it is necessary to continuously improve and upgrade the production line in order to obtain greater benefits and have strong competitiveness among their peers. Now, many companies are often in the process of introducing EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line because Failure to do the relevant preparations and deployments resulted in various problems during the use of the new production line. Next, GWELL will elaborate on the relevant knowledge, and I believe it will be very helpful for everyone to purchase EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line.

Master the relevant situation of EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line manufacturers

1. General situation

The comprehensive strength of China EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line manufacturers determines the quality and service quality of their production lines. Therefore, when purchasing personnel inspect the production line, they should check how much production area the manufacturer has, whether it has a team that develops related technologies by itself and whether it has a mature manufacturing team and commissioning and operation test workshop, etc.

2. Judging the ability of manufacturers based on user word-of-mouth

After all, the purchase of automation eva solar film machine is for the production of the enterprise, so after understanding the overall situation of the manufacturer, it is necessary to understand the enterprise that has purchased the equipment and judge whether the manufacturer has better after-sales service based on its word-of-mouth feedback System and professional service quality. For those manufacturers that are mature in technology and very professional and systematic in service, enterprises should focus on inspection and selection.

eva poe solar film extrusion line thickness gauge detail display

General steps to customize equipment

Combined with the different production needs of different companies, when considering purchasing automation EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line, companies often have some specific needs, and in this case, they often need to find professional manufacturers for customization, and the general steps for customizing equipment include the following aspects.

1. Demand analysis of EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line

For enterprises, it is necessary to fully explain the needs when negotiating customized services with manufacturers, so that manufacturers can fully understand what customers’ needs are, and then analyze them according to their technical capabilities and manufacturing capabilities combined with customer needs.

2. Research the design scheme

Generally, China’s production Supplier will set up a technical team according to the needs of customers. After the customer puts forward specific requirements, the professional technical team will produce the design drawing of EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line, and then the customer will check and confirm whether the configured solution meets the requirements.

3. EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line orders production

China GWELL, as China Plastic Extruder Supplier, after determining the specific plan, the manufacturer will arrange the production and agree on the delivery time. Generally, in order to ensure that the interests of both the enterprise and the manufacturer are not infringed, the production process will be carried out in real-time according to customer requirements. Monitoring to ensure the completion of equipment quality and quantity, and to ensure that customer product information is not leaked or omitted.

4. Customer acceptance and after-sales service

After completing the main production of automation EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line, China’s production Supplier needs to arrange for professionals to carry out on-site installation, and then hand it over to the customer for acceptance. In addition, professional manufacturers will visit regularly or maintain remotely to ensure that the customer’s equipment can be put into production normally And produce products that meet the standards.

Analysis of the components of EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line

Purchasing EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line requires a full understanding and sufficient analysis of each part, so as to ensure that the production line can achieve the expected performance after being put into production. At present, China GWELL, as China Plastic Extruder Supplier, is responsible for the production line. For each part of the customized service, if you are interested, you may try to customize the production line that meets the expectations from the following four aspects.

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1. Customization of extrusion system

In order to achieve the expected high output, you can try to customize a high-quality combination structure to further increase the output. The currently promoted customized thread combination structure is a good choice. If you don’t know much about this structure, you may wish to contact the production Supplier In addition, you can also choose the appropriate structure to increase the output according to the manufacturer’s suggestion.

2. Molding system customization

In order for automation eva solar film machine to achieve a good production state, a mature technology system should be considered in the selection of the system, and high-quality molds should be selected so that the relevant problems can be solved in time when technical problems are encountered, and the system can be used at any time according to demand. Control the thickness of the product.

3. Three roll forming of EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line

GWELL’s EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line is formed by mirror roll-to-roll, combined with independent servo control, and uses imported roller bearings for production, which can control the error to the effect of microns. I believe this is a very good product advantage for many manufacturers.

4. Traction winding

The inherent winding method actually brings a lot of negative effects to the production efficiency, and through the traction winding, that is, the unique method of traction and the multi-station winding method can actually bring good results.

The above is the sharing of knowledge points about China GWELL’s procurement of EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line. For procurement personnel, on the one hand, the technical strength and service quality of the manufacturer must be considered, and on the other hand, they must be customized according to the needs of enterprises. Controls and mechanical functions have a positive impact on corporate Supplier production and product quality.


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