GWELL EVA extrusion laminating machine, the solution to the failure

The existence of mechanical equipment makes production and related work more convenient to achieve the expected results, but when the mechanical equipment fails, the user is often in trouble. So for the fault problem of the EVA extrusion laminating machine, can we master some methods to solve the fault in advance? What about avoiding the failure to use the EVA POE Solar Film Extrusion Line? The answer is yes, the following China GWELL will take you to understand some common mechanical failures and solutions.

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Common faults and solutions

1. The machine does not start

If the EVA extrusion laminating machine does not start, it may be caused by different input wires, or the power line is reversed. If the machine still cannot start after these two situations are eliminated, it may be caused by insufficient voltage.

2. Inaccurate temperature measurement

When the temperature measurement of the EVA extrusion laminating machine is inaccurate, it may be that there is a problem with the installation of the thermocouple and the thermometer. It is recommended to check it in time. Of course, it may also be that the corresponding components are damaged. For this kind of situation, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer in time Or purchase corresponding components to troubleshoot.

3. The working vacuum of EVA extrusion laminating machine cannot come up

The reason for this may be that the gas circuit is different, the hand valve or solenoid valve is not closed, or the belt of the vacuum pump motor is loose. If these problems are eliminated, you need to check the vacuum gauge, because the vacuum gauge is damaged. This error also occurs.

4. The main power switch is tripped

As China Plastic Extruder Supplier, China GWELL reminds that when using EVA extrusion laminating machine, you should first check whether the input wire on the top of the heating box is leaking, or whether the distribution box is leaking. Or it is caused by the leakage of the motor. It is recommended that you check one by one. Of course, if necessary, it is recommended to take measures to prevent electric shock.

5. The suction film is not in place

The reason for this situation may be caused by insufficient vacuum and air leakage of the EVA extrusion laminating machine, or it may be caused by insufficient temperature and too thin film. In addition, if the workpiece is pasted with other materials, the suction film may not be in place, or the workpiece may not be in place. The depth of the concave exceeds the pull-up of the membrane is also a cause. In addition, if the suction time is too short or the film is not pulled up, the suction film will not be in place.

6. The surface of the workpiece covered by the EVA extrusion laminating machine is folded and not smooth or the corners cannot be wrapped

It may be that the film is not straightened or the quality of the film is not good enough. Another possibility is that the workpiece is not well polished. In addition, if the glue is sprayed too much or the template under the workpiece is too low, this kind of situation will also occur.

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How to deal with the situation that the sticking table is not good

1. Related to adhesive products

This situation of EVA extrusion laminating machine is probably caused by the improper selection of adhesive. In addition, the setting of the glue coating amount should be reset. When this happens, it is best to re-select the type and amount of adhesive.

2. The use of thinner should be adjusted

In the case of poor adhesion, it may also be that the EVA extrusion laminating machine diluent contains alcohol and water that consumes NCO groups. This situation is likely to cause the hydroxyl group of the main agent to not react, so you should use high-purity ethyl acetate.

3. EVA extrusion laminating machine sticking is not good related to printed matter

There may also be dust on the surface of the print, which should be gently wiped off with a dry cloth. In addition, it may be caused by the thick ink layer of the printed matter. It is recommended to increase the adhesive and increase the pressure. In addition, you can also check whether the ink layer is dry. If it is not dry, it should be hot-pressed and then glued. You can choose an adhesive with high solid content, or increase the coating thickness of the adhesive, and you can increase the drying rate. temperature, etc.

What’s going on with the bubble phenomenon?

The bubble phenomenon during the use of the EVA extrusion laminating machine may be that the printed ink layer is not dry. In this case, it is best to hot-press it again before gluing. In addition, the laminating time should be delayed, so that it can be dried more thoroughly and also Possibly after printing the ink layer, this situation necessitates increasing the amount of adhesive applied and increasing the pressure and compounding temperature.

If the above methods still can’t solve the bubble problem, you need to check whether the surface temperature of the composite roller is too high. Generally, reducing the temperature of the composite roller can effectively solve the bubble problem. Of course, sometimes it may be caused by film relaxation or unevenness. You can replace the film to adjust the tension to solve the problem.

The above is China GWELL’s sharing of relevant knowledge points on how to solve the failure of EVA extrusion laminating machine. Of course, the above is just a summary of some common mechanical failures and sharing of solutions, and some uncommon failures may also be used in EVA. It was discovered when extrusion laminating machine. For this kind of situation, it is recommended that you keep the after-sales contact information when purchasing equipment, and get in touch with it as soon as you encounter a mechanical failure, so as to avoid unnecessary losses and troubles caused by random attempts.

Of course, you can also collect more relevant methods or communicate with the after-sales staff how to maintain and maintain the EVA extrusion laminating machine. After you have a certain experience and knowledge reserve, you can easily deal with equipment failures.


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