GWELL EVA packaging film extrusion line knowledge point

If you are paying attention to the EVA packaging film extrusion line recently, you will definitely find that the EVA photovoltaic cell packaging hot melt adhesive film production line is currently the most popular in China, so what knowledge do we need to master for this type of equipment? Taking into account its current favorable position in the market and the current impact on the photovoltaic industry, this equipment has formed a mature production system for the photovoltaic industry.

What are the performance characteristics of EVA packaging film extrusion line

1. Design features of extrusion part and screw barrel

At present, the design of the extrusion part of China GWELL has changed from the original shape to a large-diameter single screw, and the screw barrel has also abandoned the traditional model and adopted a circulating water cooling design. The connection problems have been well resolved. In addition, it ensures that the quality of the products of the EVA POE Solar Film Extrusion Line is kept in a very good state.

eva poe solar film extrusion line finished product display

2. Modification of the roller body

The roll body department of EVA packaging film extrusion line has adopted double-sided embossing. This method is a good solution to the original film sticking to the roll, and enterprises can customize the embossing pattern according to their own needs. Generally, the manufacturer will also prepare some popular embossing patterns for customers to choose from.

3. The cooling shrinkage rate of EVA packaging film extrusion line is improved

At present, the common problem is that the service life of EVA film is maintained at 15 to 25 years, and if the shrinkage rate of the product does not meet the standard, it may lead to excessive internal stress on the solar cell after using it for a long time. The panel is broken, and only through specific technical design can the shrinkage rate be less than 3%. Of course, as a China EVA film extrusion line Supplier, GWELL already has mature related technologies to achieve the expected results.

4. PLC automatic control

GWELL combined with PLC automatic control can make the entire EVA packaging film extrusion line achieve a very good intelligent operation effect, which can greatly save labor costs and ensure a substantial increase in product output.

5. Equipped with monitoring and control system

In the production process, there will inevitably be some problems caused by human or mechanical reasons, and the EVA packaging film extrusion line is equipped with a monitoring and monitoring system to solve such problems. The pass rate has been maintained steadily.

6. Micro tension winder of EVA packaging film extrusion line

As a China EVA film extrusion line manufacturer, GWELLL can achieve a line speed of 18 meters per minute and can control the tension of the take-up and take-up parts to a minimum without an accumulator, and there is no film when cutting The phase difference of the part can be suppressed, thereby suppressing the streak during winding and the deviation of the film. Make sure that the system can minimize the narrowing of the film during the completion of the automatic cutting action.

Night shot of GWELL company campus

the choice of EVA packaging film extrusion line

The EVA packaging film extrusion line has brought more production capacity, but in the process of selecting equipment for the manufacturer, it is inevitable to fall into the trouble selection due to various reasons. On the one hand, there is no most suitable manufacturer when choosing a Supplier. You can choose, on the other hand, in the process of choosing a production line, you often don’t know which issues to focus on. In response to this situation, we should make efforts from two aspects.

1. Conduct site visits and records

Many purchasers will fall into a state of confusion when they inspect the EVA packaging film extrusion line. The reason is that even professional staff cannot figure out the situation of more advanced technology and equipment in a short time, so it is very necessary. Increase your understanding of equipment performance and related technologies through site visits. In the process of purchasing equipment, on the one hand, you can learn about the specific working conditions of EVA packaging film extrusion line in the field inspection, and on the other hand, you can also record its advantages and characteristics, so as to serve as the basis for future selection.

2. Pay attention to service quality

The reason why the manufacturer purchases the EVA packaging film extrusion line is to increase the output, and some production lines may have many problems after they are put into use. Sign a written agreement. In this way, after the EVA packaging film extrusion line is put into use, if there is an unsolvable problem, the company’s rights and interests can be protected through an agreement.

The above is the sharing of relevant knowledge points about the relevant characteristics of the China EVA packaging film extrusion line and how to purchase it. GWELL recommends that you compare and measure more in the process of purchasing equipment, and choose the most suitable production line according to your own needs. Introduced EVA packaging film extrusion line for maximum benefit.


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