GWELL -How to choose the right Efficient eva film machine for you

If you want to choose a suitable Efficient eva film machine, you first need to understand what an eva film machine is. The Eva Film Applicator is a machine specially used for filming, its working principle is to use hot melt adhesive to stick the filming material to the surface. The Eva film applicator can apply film to various surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, ceramic tile, etc.

First, you want to determine what the purpose of the foil is. Is it to prevent glass breakage, or to change the appearance of the glass? If it is to prevent glass breakage, then you need to choose an explosion-proof eva laminating machine.

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Understand the basic knowledge of eva laminating machine

The eva film laminating machine, also known as the flat film laminating machine, is a machine specially used to protect the surface of the shell of electronic products such as flat panel displays, computers, and mobile phones. It uses a special working principle that enables the protective layer to quickly, tightly and evenly cover the surface of the product’s casing. Therefore, the eva laminating machine has gained great popularity in the market.

The working principle of eva laminating machine is to make the protective layer firmly fixed on the product surface by high temperature welding on the product surface. It mainly uses its three advantages: first, it can make the surface of the product shell flat; second, it can effectively prevent the surface of the product from being scratched and bumped; third, it can significantly reduce the maintenance cost after the service life of the product.

In short, Efficient eva film machine is a good tool to protect the surface of the product shell. If you want to make your electronic products safer and more durable, you might as well install it on the eva film machine.

Choose the efficient eva laminating machine that suits you

Different eva film machines correspond to different filming methods, so it is very important to choose a suitable eva filming machine. Generally speaking, the high-efficiency eva laminating machine can increase the work efficiency by more than 3 times. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right machine.

1. When using the laminating machine at home, choose the appropriate model according to the size of the working area. In general, if the working area is less than 1 square meter, you can use a household eva film laminating machine; if the working area is between 1-3 square meters, you can use a medium-sized eva laminating machine; if the working area is between 3-10 square meters between, you can use a large eva laminating machine.

2. Choose the appropriate laminating machine according to the thickness of the material. In general, when the thickness of the material is between 0.035-0.08mm, you can use a household eva film laminating machine; when the thickness of the material is between 0.08-0.2mm, you can use a medium-sized eva for processing; when the material thickness is greater than 0.2mm, you can use a large-scale eva for processing.

3. Select the appropriate machine for processing according to the processing requirements. In general, if cutting, printing, casting, or other processing is to be performed, it should be processed with a medium or large Eva; if a separate balloon forming process is to be performed, household or small eva can be used for processing.

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Understand the advantages of film

The film is a maintenance method for the car, it can prolong the life of the car and enhance its appearance of the car. The eva film is the most popular film method in recent years. So, what are the advantages?

lOne of the advantages of Efficient eva film machine is durability. eva is a plastic material, so it has good weather resistance and weather resistance. It will not be damaged by long-term rain or snow erosion, and it is not easily affected by UV rays, so it can remain in good condition after long-term use.

  • The second advantage of commonly used eva film is the good thermal insulation effect. The eva material has a strong ability to absorb heat, so it can effectively prevent the interior of the car from being hot in summer, and it can avoid freezing cracks in winter.
  • The third advantage is to prevent fogging on the glass. Most cars will be fogged, which will make it difficult to see the situation ahead and affect the safety of driving operations. This problem can be effectively avoided by covering the eva material on the glass surface.
  • The fourth advantage is waterproof and oil proof.

Choose the film material that suits you

There are many eva film materials to choose from, and we recommend several suitable materials for you.

  • Polymer material: This material has excellent weather resistance and wear resistance, suitable for outdoor use.
  • PVC: This film material has excellent weather resistance and abrasion resistance, suitable for indoor use.
  • Plastic: This material has excellent light resistance and is suitable for indoor use.
  • Latex: This material has excellent weather resistance and abrasion resistance, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Work on Efficient eva film machine

  • Before applying the eva film, you need to prepare the film work area.
  • First, clean the film work area, and then place a white marker paper in the middle of the film work area.
  • Cut the eva strip into small pieces, and place a white marking paper on top of the strip.
  • Align the eva strip with the marking paper, then use scissors to cut the strip.
  • Spread the cut EVA strips around the marking paper to cover it as a whole.
  • Note: If you want to use 2 layers of eva strips, please repeat the above steps.

How to maintain the eva laminating machine

  1. If the laminating machine is not in use, you can cover the junction box on the machine shell to prevent dust from entering.
  2. If you want to stop using it for a period of time, you should unplug the battery inside the machine to avoid excessive battery drain.
  3. Before use, the dust, moisture, grease and other sundries on the workbench should be cleaned up.
  4. Do not use it in direct sunlight or near heat sources.
  5. If the Efficient eva film machine fails, it should be sent to professional maintenance personnel for maintenance.

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