GWELL PETG sheet production process process answer

GWELL as PETG sheet machine manufacturer, Many friends are not familiar with PETG, but PETG sheet is widely used in our lives, so what is the GWELL PETG sheet production process? In order to help you know more about PETG sheet, let’s disassemble the relevant knowledge points about PETG sheet production process together.

What is the production process like?

Combined with the current production process of PETG sheet by Chinese manufacturers, we can summarize the process of APET PETG CPET Sheet Extrusion Line as raw material delivery to weight loss measurement to feeding to extrusion to coarse filtration melt metering pump to fine filtration static mixing to die head From electrostatic adsorption to cast sheet to infrared thickness measurement to auxiliary winding to longitudinal stretching to infrared heating to transverse stretching to trimming to infrared thickness measurement in the second stage, and then to corona treatment to winding to aging treatment to slitting to the packaging.

petg film extrusion line is making plastic film

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I am afraid that many friends will not understand the meaning of simply showing you the PETG sheet production process. For this reason, the following content will explain the various steps of the specific process one by one. I believe that through this process, everyone can have a clearer understanding of China’s GWELL PETG sheet production process.

1. Raw material delivery

The production of PETG sheets is based on the production of PETG, and the production of PETG requires raw material transportation. This transportation process needs to be realized by compressed air or Roots blower. Combined with the function of pneumatic force, the raw materials are sent to the designated silo, and then effectively realize the subsequent steps. So what is a silo? In simple terms, it is the location where the raw material slices are stored. Generally, the raw materials are fed into the weight loss metering device by their own gravity in the silo.

2. What is weight loss measurement

The so-called loss-in-weight measurement actually refers to the process of using a loss-in-weight scale to measure and feed the material. Combined with this process, the amount of blanking can be accurately controlled, thereby ensuring the stability and uniformity of the feeding process of the extruder. The feeding process is actually using screw feeding, which can ensure that the amount of feeding continues to maintain the same value and is uniform.

3. Metal detection separator for PETG sheet production process

In the PETG sheet production process, a metal detection separator is required to detect and separate the raw material slices and metal impurities in the recycled material. This can ensure the purity of the raw materials and the PETG products produced. quality.

4. What is extrusion

As China PETG sheet machine Supplier, GWELL uses a vacuum-exhaust twin-screw extruder. This method can effectively reduce the degradation of melted raw materials and the generation of bubbles. In order to achieve the expected purpose and effect, it is necessary for the temperature to be controlled between 240 degrees Celsius and 285 degrees Celsius.

5. Coarse filtration

The process of GWELL coarse filtration is realized by a disc filter, which can increase the filtering area, reduce the frequency of replacement, and improve production efficiency. Generally, the pore size of the filter we choose should be larger than the Fine filter, so as to achieve the desired effect.

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6. Melt metering pump for PETG sheet production process

In the China PETG sheet production process, in addition to the use of the metal detection separator, a melt metering pump is also required. Generally, we choose a double gear metering pump, so as to achieve the accurate control standard of the melt extrusion and ensure that the melt has Uniform stability of flow and pressure.

7. What is fine filtration

Similar to coarse filtration, the disc filter is still used, which increases the filtration area while reducing the replacement frequency and improving the production efficiency. However, special attention must be paid to the pore size of the filter. Compared with coarse filtration, fine filtration needs to meet certain standards. , so the pore size of the filter should be 25 to 40 μm.

8. Static mixing and die

The static mixing process makes the melt more uniform due to multi-layer co-extrusion and can flow into the die head stably, and the die head uses thermal expansion bolts to automatically or manually adjust the lip gap of the T-die head through the feedback information of the thickness gauge. , in this way, a better and more uniform PETG thick sheet can be obtained.

9. Electrostatic adsorption process

The PETG sheet production process is inseparable from the electrostatic adsorption process, and the general electrostatic adsorption process uses a steel belt-type electrostatic adsorption belt. The outgassing above the head increases, a process that reduces the condensation of volatiles and oligomers in the melt around the die.

10. Casting process

Generally, the cold drum will be cyclically cooled by the temperature control unit, and the temperature will be controlled between 25 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius, and the melt will flow out through the melt pipe through the die lip under the pressure of the metering pump, and then the melt will flow out through the die lip. A solid sheet is formed after cooling by a rotating cold drum.

The above is the sharing of relevant knowledge points about China GWELL PETG sheet machine production process. In fact, as China Plastic Extruder Supplier, GWELL’s PETG sheet production process is relatively complicated. In order to ensure the quality of PETG sheets, special requirements are required in the production process Pay attention to every detail and complete every step in accordance with the standards and requirements of the production process. At present, PETG sheets are used in many fields such as indoor and outdoor signs, storage racks, vending machine panels, construction, etc., so it is worthwhile to craft them carefully.


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