GWELL: Small knowledge of the use of China PETG sheet production line

Inspection before use

The new China petg sheet production line extruder, which has not been used, should be fully inspected first after installation.

(1) Check that all fasteners are fastened.

(2) Check that all lubrication points are filled with sufficient oil or grease.

(3) The oil pool or gearbox should be cleaned first, and check whether there are sundries, metal chips, etc. falling into the pool or box, and then inject it into the pool or box according to the specified grade or quantity of lubricating oil.

(4) When the transmission system of China petg sheet production line adopts the oil pump for forced lubrication, check whether the rotation direction of the oil pump meets the specified requirements and whether the oil pressure and circulation are good.

(5) Check whether the rotation direction of the main motor and the vacuum pump motor is correct or not.

(6) Check whether the tension of each V-belt is consistent.

(7) Check whether the position of the adjusting nut of the clutch is appropriate and whether the opening and closing and manipulation of the clutch are flexible. If a pneumatic clutch is used, check whether the air source air pressure, the air supply volume and the decompression air pressure passing through the pressure-reducing valve meet the specified requirements.

(8) Check whether the sealing condition of water pipes, steam pipes and vacuum chambers is good, and whether the valve opening and closing is flexible and reliable.

(9) Check whether the electrical grounding of the entire equipment is good.

Plastic extrusion equipment production workshop

Operation before power on

(1) Close the clutch, turn the pulley by hand, and make the extrusion spindle rotate 4~5 turns to check whether there is any debris falling into the inside of the equipment and whether there is any jamming inside.

(2) For the vacuum extruder, check the stirring part in the same way.

(3) After checking the above parts, open the clutch. to start the main motor. If the extruder is forcibly lubricated by the oil pump, the lubricating oil pump should be started first, and then the main motor should be started. After the main motor speed is normal, close the clutch and let the whole equipment run idly for 1~2h.

(4) During the no-load operation of the China petg sheet production line, check whether each part of the machine is carried normally, whether there is abnormal sound, whether there is abnormal temperature rise in each bearing part, and measure the no-load current of the main motor respectively. When an abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be stopped immediately and eliminated.

(5) In order to facilitate the discharge of the new extruder, before adding the raw materials, an appropriate amount of water can be poured into the feeding place. For the vacuum extruder, the inspection door of the vacuum chamber can be opened at this time, and the feeding of raw materials can be started without starting the vacuum pump.

(6) When the raw material reaches the head and begins to extrude outward, open the clutch and stop feeding. Then install the machine port and close the vacuum chamber inspection door.

(7) Start the vacuum pump. When the vacuum pump is a water ring type, the water supply valve of the vacuum pump should be opened and adjusted to the specified flow before starting the vacuum pump.

(8) Close the clutch, and at the same time add the raw materials evenly from the feeding place, and start the extrusion.

(9) After 8 hours of load operation, all fasteners should be checked for looseness to ensure vacuum and avoid equipment failure.

(10) GWELL, as the extruder manufacturer, stated that during the above time period, the voltage and current values ​​of the main motor were regularly measured; and the temperature rise of each bearing part and electrical component was checked; whether the vacuum chamber was well sealed, and the vacuum degree was recorded; Whether all moving parts and clutches are abnormal; whether the pressure and circulation of the forced lubricating oil are good. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, it should be stopped and eliminated.

(11) Within 100h after the extruder starts feeding, the feeding amount should not exceed 60% of the rated output to ensure that the machine has enough running-in time.

(12) When the extruder of China petg sheet production line needs to be shut down, the feeding should be stopped first, and the water supply and air supply valves of the stirring part of the vacuum extruder should be closed. Open the clutch, close the vacuum pump and the vacuum pump water supply valve, and then close the main motor and the lubricating oil pump motor when the mouth of the extruder does not continue to discharge materials.

GWELL factory workshop real shot

Ongoing Notes

1) Add qualified plastic into the hopper, open the plug, start the screw and continue to run the glue. The operator should pay attention to the feeding situation, and observe the indication of the ammeter and voltmeter pointer when running the glue. At this time, the operator is not allowed to leave the workplace to prevent problems.

2) China petg sheet production line After the plastic is extruded from the mold sleeve, the plasticization of the plastic should be observed. When the plastic is well plasticized, the mold should be corrected to adjust the thickness of the plastic evenly to prevent the plastic layer from deviation.

3) Sampling and checking the thickness of the plastic according to the process regulations, and checking the quality of the plastic after extrusion, such as pores, surface plasticization, lumps, etc.

4) After everything is normal and the production can meet the requirements of the process regulations, the crew should be actively organized to drive, and the operation should be divided and closely cooperated.

5) Thread the lead wire and start the traction. The speed of the screw and the traction should be controlled according to the thickness of the plastic layer specified by the process so that the wires and cables will be neatly arranged on the take-up reel of the cable arrangement after passing through the traction. When threading the lead, a special person should be sent to follow the wire connector, and attention should be paid to prevent the wire and cable from entering the water or breaking the connector.

6) Proofread the meter counter to return to zero and make the meter accurate. When the wire and cable are put on the coil, the unqualified connector line must be cut off, and the thickness and eccentricity must be checked, and the coil can be put on until it is qualified.

7) Pay attention to the following points at any time during the normal production process

  • Product quality, observe and test the surface quality of the plastic layer and the outer diameter of the product at any time. Pay attention to the operation of each part of the equipment; observe the temperature control of the heating system.
  • Pay attention to the change of screw and traction speed to ensure uniform extrusion thickness and product outer diameter.
  • To achieve three diligence, namely diligent measurement of outer diameter, diligent inspection of quality, and diligent observation of equipment.
  • Pay attention to feeding in time to avoid broken glue, degumming and leakage; if a scorch is found when driving, stop and wipe the car immediately.
  • If it is found that the insulation is unqualified and needs to be peeled off, it is not allowed to separate the wire by itself. The glue should be stopped and the wire core should be opened to the specified length for processing, so as to avoid short ends or waste products.

8) Do a good job in the process quality record of the product. Remember labels, tracking cards, production reports, process records, etc.


When the China petg sheet production line is stopped, the traction current should be cut off first, and then the main motor should be stopped. Open the bolt at the connection between the extruder head and the fuselage, close the plug of the feeding hopper, remove the head, and run off the plastic in the barrel and on the screw. Organize personnel to remove the mold core and mold sleeve in time, and clean the machine head and sieve plate.

1) Stop the machine head to clean the machine head in the following situations: stop the machine head to clean the machine head in time after the production is completed; the temperature control is too high, and when the plastic scorch occurs, the machine head and the screw should be stopped to clean; Machine head; when there are other reasons for parking, such as power outage, water outage, waiting for line, waiting for disk, equipment and personal accident, the machine head should be cleaned.

2) The head and screw should be cleaned, and the head and screw should be installed in time after cleaning.

3) Keep a good shift diary and prepare the next shift for production, such as molds, production trays, semi-finished products, etc.

4) According to the responsibilities of the post, arrange personnel to be responsible for the sanitation and cleaning of the machine.

5) After the China petg sheet production line stops, check the power supply, water source, air source, and various parts of the equipment. After confirming that there is no problem, turn off the power, air and water source before leaving the machine.


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