GWELL teaches you how to choose PC Transparent Sheet Extrusion Line

PC sheet is a highly transparent and amorphous plastic sheet. It has strong physical and mechanical properties, impact resistance, tensile strength, and high-strength compression. Extrusion molding is the main processing method of PC sheet, and As PC hollow sheet extrusion line manufacturer, it has a wide range of uses in many industries in China. But how do choose PC Transparent Sheet Extrusion Line on the market?

What is an extrusion line

1. Definition of extrusion line

PC Transparent Sheet Extrusion Line actually refers to a production line that can produce plastic sheets or sheets and films. There are many types of extrusion production lines, and such core production lines have appeared in many industries in recent years. The core of this type of production line lies in the extruder, and the extrusion production line presented by different extruders is different.

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2. Type of extruder

In the extrusion production line, the efficiency of the production line presented by the different types of extruders is also different. Common extruder models include parallel twin-screw extruders, star screw extruders, new high-efficiency single-screw extruders, and conical twin-screw plastic extruders.

according to the control system to choose

1. Different extruders have different control systems

The overall efficiency of the production line and the quality of the PC sheet that can be produced by different types of extruders on the market are also quite different. Therefore, when choosing GWELL PC Transparent Sheet Extrusion Line, it is necessary to choose the extruder production line according to different control systems. For example, whether it is a centralized control system, whether the system can realize the observation of relevant data such as pressure, speed, and temperature, whether the operation is convenient, etc. It is a wise choice to choose an extruder production line with a control system that is more sensitive and easy to operate.

2. Whether intelligent management and control can be realized

The key to choosing PC Transparent PP PC PE Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line depends on the quality of the extruder, and whether it can achieve intelligent control is also crucial. The management and control modes that different control systems can present are also different. In China’s digital era, high-quality control systems can be maintained remotely, and fault diagnosis and error analysis can also be performed through dedicated channels. The key is to fundamentally reduce the consumption of unnecessary debugging time and downtime and to achieve efficient system debugging and maintenance.

3. System stability

As PC hollow sheet extrusion line manufacturer, the stability of the control system is also very important for China GWELL, and an extruder production line with a stable and efficient control system must be selected. Only in this way can the stability of the pressure and speed of the equipment be guaranteed, so as to ensure that the overall performance of the extruder in operation can be brought into full play, and the effect can be achieved with ease in operation. The stability of the system will affect the efficiency of production operation and the quality of production, so it should not be underestimated.

Choose according to the type of extruder

1. Parallel twin screw extruder

The selection of GWELL extruder production line must pay attention to the choice of extruder type, which directly determines its production process and effect. A parallel twin-screw extruder is a relatively common type, with strong adaptability and the effect of plasticizing and exhausting. At the same time, it also has super wear resistance and self-cleaning performance.

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2. High efficiency single screw extruder

This type of extruder has the function of strengthening plasticization, can ensure the basis of high performance and high speed, and also has the effect of material mixing. It is the best choice in many fields.

3. Conical twin screw plastic extruder

This is also the basic equipment for high-efficiency mixing. The shear rate of this type of equipment is relatively small and the output is relatively high. Moreover, the automatic temperature control method is adopted, which can realize the effect of vacuum exhaust. The use of this machine is very extensive, whether it is extruded plate or film, etc. is relatively excellent. There is also a dedicated overload protection device and a fault alarm system. When there is any problem, it can sound the alarm bell the first time.

4. Planetary screw extruder

Planetary screw extruders are mainly used in the production of plastic products such as sheets and films. On the basis of the same conditions, the output of this type of extruder is higher than that of other products of the same type, at least 50% higher. Not only that, but this type of extruder also has a good heating function and a temperature regulating device, which can ensure a good speed to ensure a constant temperature flow and ensure the quality of the produced products. And this type of extruder has a strong magnetic frame, which can effectively eliminate magnetic substances, and also has a strong safety, and reliable control system.

As PC hollow sheet extrusion line Supplier, China GWELL chooses GWELL PC Transparent Sheet Extrusion Line to ensure that the extruder of the selected extrusion line can meet the production needs and ensure the quality of production. From a professional point of view, extrusion production lines can not only be divided into different types of production lines by different equipment but also can be divided into organic co-extrusion and inorganic co-extrusion according to extrusion materials.


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