From performance to brand, teach you how to choose EPE solar film!

Nowadays, it is especially common to use EPE solar film on both vehicles and building glass. This solar film made of EVA+POE+EVA co-extruded has good sun protection, explosion-proof, and protection capabilities, and is currently used in many fields. When users buy such solar films in bulk, they often have to compare and examine many aspects. Next, let’s talk about what homework needs to be done in advance, from brand to performance and procurement channels.

Pay attention to the manufacturers behind EPE solar film

1. Pay attention to the qualification history of solar film manufacturers

When users need to buy EPE solar film products in bulk, they should pay attention to the manufacturer behind them. Because the quality of EPE film is greatly affected by the strength of the manufacturer, they should first examine the manufacturer’s qualifications, market reputation, and survival time. Understand that the manufacturer’s qualification is not only to ensure that it has the ability to produce EPE film but also to exclude the situation that it is a secondary agent. Buying EPE film directly from the source company can guarantee lower prices and better quality control.

2. The product share of solar film manufacturers is critical

After understanding the qualifications and market reputation of EPE solar film manufacturers, what you need to know is the market share of their products. Because EPE film is widely used, there is a demand for EPE film on many occasions, from car sunscreen to building glass sunscreen, etc. If the manufacturer’s product has a high market share, it means that its production experience is rich. The quality of the film products is guaranteed, which is why old brand manufacturers are more favored.

3. Compare the manufacturer’s process and implementation standards

After deep contact with EPE solar film manufacturers, you can also learn about their production process and equipment system, which is also to ensure the quality of membrane products. The EPE film itself is extruded from three layers of EVA+POE+EVA. If the manufacturer uses Gwell EPE Solar Film Extrusion Line, it can achieve low cost, high production capacity, and excellent film quality. After understanding the manufacturer’s production equipment and process, let’s understand the GB national standards it implements. These are all quality guarantees for EPE film products.

Plastic film produced by pvc tpo eva waterproof sheet extrusion line

Strictly test the properties of the solar film using samples

1. Pay attention to the light transmittance of the solar film

Since EPE solar film products are purchased in bulk, it is natural to put the quality of the product itself first. For EPE film products, sample testing cannot be ignored. Among them, whether it is used in automotive glass or building glass, the solar film needs to be checked for light transmittance and haze. The light transmittance needs to be tested with professional optical instruments, and the haze can be judged by the naked eye, such as by placing the film on the display, the clearer the picture color means the less haze.

2. Test the thermal insulation capacity of the solar film

Because one of the functions of EPE solar film is to protect the sun and cool down, the sample also needs to be tested for insulation ability. It is necessary to test the sun protection ability of the film through professional equipment. In particular, the EPE film used on building glass needs to be tested accordingly.

3. Compare the protective properties of EPE solar film

Because the EPE film itself has a certain protective ability, its scratch-proof and explosion-proof properties should also be tested after receiving the sample. Explosion-proof ability mainly refers to the fact that when damaged by external forces, the glass covered by the film will not break apart and splash and hurt people, ensuring that even if the glass is broken, it can still be kept in the whole state, and the scratch resistance should be tested and compared.

Optimize procurement plans as appropriate by comparing multiple channels

1. Understand the different sales channels of the same manufacturer

If users need to purchase a large amount of EPE solar film or need to customize specific parameters and attributes, they should also compare sales channels after determining the manufacturer. Nowadays, large manufacturers have a wide variety of sales channels. They can be purchased from official websites to online procurement platforms and even distribution agents. However, the same price of products under different channels may vary due to channel activities, so choose a channel with a better price when appropriate.

2. Optimize order content based on procurement needs

When negotiating with EPE solar film manufacturers, you can also optimize orders according to your needs. For example, if the volume of a single purchase is large, you can often get more discounts. Because of the manufacturer’s production capacity and the low peak season of the industry, users can adjust and optimize orders reasonably according to their needs to get a more cost-effective price. At the same time, they need to understand how costs such as packaging and transportation are calculated to ensure that there is no invisible consumption.

3. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s guarantee and after-sales service

When the EPE solar film procurement quotation has been determined, it is natural that it can also be considered in terms of service. Naturally, the purchase cost does not change, so you should get as much service and guarantee as possible. Like many professional EPE film manufacturers, commissioners are responsible for connecting with customers. Customers can consult and understand the logistics information of goods at any time. If bidding and other activities are involved, manufacturers also have professionals to provide guidance, and comprehensive after-sales service is naturally good for customers.

At present, there are many EPE solar film manufacturers that can be found in the market, from scale to brand reputation and product business, so users need to compare and inspect various aspects to choose strong and well-reputed manufacturers to cooperate so that after in-depth comparison and understanding of product quality and service, we will determine the specific EPE film procurement plan according to our procurement channels.


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