China GWELL Tells You That Paper Is Really Made Of Stone

China GWELL is an extruder manufacturer, stone paper machine is a new product, and “stone paper” is a new technology, which is also maturing and upgrading, and its application fields will be expanded. Can it replace traditional plant fiber paper? How is its quality?

What is “stone paper”

The stone paper of the stone paper machine refers to a new type of material between paper and plastic. The main raw material is limestone mineral resources with large reserves and wide distribution (the content of calcium carbonate is 70-80%). Inorganic powder is an auxiliary material (content is 20-30%), using the principle of polymer interface chemistry and the characteristics of polymer modification, it is made by polymer extrusion and blow molding. The inorganic powder environmental protection new material stone paper product has It has the same writing performance and printing effect as plant fiber paper, and has the core performance of plastic packaging, which can replace some traditional functional paper and professional paper, and can also replace most traditional plastic packaging.

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Three processes for producing stone paper

1. Calendering method

The stone paper machine is made by batching, mixing, modification, extrusion, and calendering. The disadvantage of the calendering process is that the process is complicated. It is generally used to produce environmentally friendly paper products with a size of more than 0.1mm. The product has a large proportion and the equipment is expensive.

2. Casting method

The stone paper machine replaces the calendering machine with a casting machine, which can produce a variety of environmentally friendly paper with different thicknesses. However, the distribution of molecular chains in environmentally friendly paper is unidirectional, so the longitudinal, lateral and physical properties of environmentally friendly paper products are quite different, which is a major disadvantage of cast environmentally friendly paper.

3. Biaxial stretching method

It is reported that in recent years, “biaxially stretched pearl paper” has been launched. During the biaxial stretching process, some small gaps will be formed between the base plastic and the filler, thereby reducing the proportion and cost of environmentally friendly paper. Due to the refraction of light by these small gaps, the pearlescent effect is formed, and the produced environmentally friendly paper has a good appearance and has been widely used in packaging, printing, advertising and other fields.


Production process of stone paper machine

①The stone goes through the grinding process→②white powder→③sends to the paper factory→④80% stone powder + 20% auxiliary materials are fused into granular form→⑤melted at 160℃ high temperature→⑥blow out thick bubble film→⑦special process Processing→⑧Blow Molding→⑨Stone Paper

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Waterproof and moisture-proof, good writeability, good printing performance and high definition; no waste water, waste gas, waste residue and no pollution are produced in the production process; it can be recycled and reused, there is no toxic waste gas during incineration, and the emission of carbon dioxide is very small; it can be degraded into powder (inorganic mineral powder)

Application of stone paper

At present, the stone paper of the stone paper machine is relatively highly accepted in more advanced countries and regions, and its application fields are extremely wide, including disposable household consumables.

1. Garbage bags, shopping bags, food bags, lunch boxes, foot gloves, tablecloths, raincoats, dust covers, etc. Cultural paper.

2. Printing paper, writing paper, advertising decoration paper, coated paper, film paper, drawing paper, poster paper, typing paper, postal paper, cigarette paper, etc.

3. Building materials decoration and industrial packaging, such as decorative wallpaper, etc.

4. In the field of industrial packaging, it can be used in fertilizer bags, cement bags, rice noodle bags, clothing bags, various handbags, carton boxes, etc.

5. It can also be used in special paper, such as field work paper, underwater work paper, mine work paper, military special paper, etc.​​


As an extruder manufacturer, China GWELL said that for a long time, papermaking requires a lot of wood and water, and sewage and toxic and harmful substances are discharged during the production process, which will cause serious harm to the environment and human health. To this end, my country has successively shut down a large number of small paper mills. If stone paper can replace traditional paper to a certain extent, then its economic and ecological benefits, especially the impact on energy saving and emission reduction, will be considerable.

As a supplier of extruders, China GWELL said that compared with the use of trees as raw materials for papermaking, stone paper machine materials have great advantages in terms of environmental protection and cost, but the equipment investment in the early stage is large, the initial investment is high, and stone paper products are used. The scope of the paper is still limited; but in the long run, with the further improvement and maturity of stone-paper technology and the reduction in the cost of supporting equipment, stone-paper technology should play an important role in the paper industry.


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