Learn about the ASA film extrusion line

What is ASA?

ASA is a copolymer of styrene and acrylic rubber. ASA not only maintains the main characteristics of ABS, but also combines the advantages of acrylic weather resistance so that the application of the product can be extended to outdoor use. As we all know, the traditional co-extrusion ASA compound has the problem of chromatic aberration. With the improvement of the country’s environmental protection requirements, the production of traditional painted color steel tiles is becoming more and more limited. Technically, ASA film products are made of high content of ASA rubber powder raw materials. The products have passed the 12,000-hour weather resistance test of the National Chemical Construction, and the color retention performance is many times higher than that of co-extrusion materials currently on the market. So at this stage, ASA film extrusion line has become a development trend.

China Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd. Factory show
China Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd. Factory show

Introduction to the process flow of china ASA film extrusion line

Extrusion blown film is to first melt and plasticize the material through the extruder, and then pass through the die gap of the die to form an annular tube blank, and the tube blank is blown into a certain thickness and width by the compressed air through the center of the die The size is then cooled and shaped, laminated, drawn, and rolled into a bi-folded film.

1. Extrusion blowing film head

The structure of ASA film extrusion line extrusion blowing film is different depending on the blowing form. The flat blowing method adopts straight-through head, the upper blowing or lower blowing method adopts right-angle head, and the multi-layer co-extrusion is used. Composite blow molding uses a composite head.

2. Cooling device

GWELL as China Plastic extrusion Supplier, The cooling device mainly cools the film. The film tube must have a certain degree of cooling during the inflation and traction of the film tube, otherwise the film tube will be unstable, and the thickness and diameter of the film will be difficult to be uniform. , the film will stick. However, the temperature of the film tube just extruded from the machine head is high and it is in a state of viscous flow. Natural cooling alone is not enough, and it must be forcibly cooled by a cooling device. Generally, air cooling, water cooling, or both air cooling and water cooling can be used.

3. Traction of the film

The Efficient ASA film extrusion line pulls the film during extrusion, stabilizes the film tube, and flattens the film for cooling, preventing film sticking and wrinkling. It can also play a proper stretching effect on the film to increase the strength of the film.

4. Film winding

When rolling, the film is required to be flat, both sides are neat, and the tightness is moderate.

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ASA film extrusion line features

1. For the original raw material manufacturers (with formula ability), flat double extruders can be used. Save production costs;

2. For product manufacturers, ASA film extrusion line can use vented single-screw extruder, with simple production process and high stability:

3. The complete set of ASA film extrusion line equipment adopts Siemens PLC and touch screen, closed control, one-key acceleration and deceleration, easy to operate;

4. The special screw design of the extruder ensures that the plastic is melted, the color is uniform, the extrusion volume is high, and the production line speed can reach 60M/min:

5. The automatic mold cooperates with the thickness gauge, which can effectively fine-tune the melt thickness deviation on the lateral width of the die head, and the thickness uniformity is guaranteed to be +0.01mm:

6. The roller adopts the overall machining method of the inner flow channel to ensure the temperature control +1 °C, the roller surface control accuracy +0.01mm, and the accurate thickness of the cast film;

7. The forming roller adopts the horizontal three-roller form, which is different from the traditional casting machine, so that the front side of the film has high brightness and bright colors, and the back side is rolled with silicone rollers to ensure that the back side of the film has good composite performance;

8. ASA film extrusion line adopts tension sensor and control system to ensure stable tension control;

9. A full set of Siemens servo motors, together with servo controllers, make the equipment run more accurately:

10. The automatic cutting and rewinding machine has the function of automatic roll change, and the taper tension control of the winding belt makes the finished roll tidy and evenly tight.

Introduction of ASA film extrusion line

GWELL as China ASA film extrusion line Supplier, The thickness of the entire ASA film is uniform, and the general error should be about 5%. To meet the requirements of uniformity, it is closely related to the rheology of the ASA material, the plasticizing performance of the screw, the design of the mold runner, the size of the pressure roller, the equipment and process temperature, the pressure, the stability of the equipment operation process and other parameters. Online thickness detection is also essential equipment.

ASA film extrusion line equipment composition list

1 set of 1.75 flat twin-rod extruder

2. 1 screen changer

3. 1 metering pump

4. 1 set of molds

5. 1 set of tape casting machine

6. 1 set of roller temperature controller

7. 1 set of tempering rollers

8. 1 set of thickness gauge

9. 1 set of cooling bracket

10. 1 tractor

11. 1 automatic winder

12. 1 set of static eliminator

13. 1 set of electrical control system

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In addition to its own weather resistance performance advantages, in order to meet the requirements of subsequent product processing and application, ASA functional film must also have the following properties: uniformity, coverage, elongation, crease resistance, and other indicators. ASA film is used for packaging and as a coating layer. Plastic packaging and plastic packaging products occupy an increasing share of the market, especially composite plastic flexible packaging and building materials surface coating have been widely used.

Advantages: ASA film is widely used in the field of roofing tiles because of its own anti-aging performance, ASA film extruder equipment, can realize online thermal lamination while roofing tile processing, uniform lamination thickness, ASA film extruder lamination, No chromatic aberration, high bonding strength, overcoming the chromatic aberration problem of traditional co-extrusion ASA compounding, and also saving the cost of raw materials. Processing thickness range of ASA surface: 0.05-0.2mm, ASA film extruder, width 1500mm, uniform thickness, and stable size.

GWELL as China Plastic Extrusion Supplier, ASA film extrusion line is provided by it. China GWELL adheres to the corporate philosophy of “people-oriented”, has a dedicated workforce, strives to provide good products and services to give back to society, and welcomes new and old customers to visit and cooperate sincerely to create a better future. GWELL – your reliable friend


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