PET Sheet Twin Screw Extruder under GWELL Innovation

GWELL as China PET sheet extrusion line Supplier, In the field of China’s extruder industry, there is also a large gap in the actual demand for different products. Therefore, on the basis of different product requirements, the structure of the host also has great differences. Extruders can be applied to the production of different products such as blown film sheets or sheets. In the field of pet sheets, the traditional main machine form often selected is mainly PET single-screw extruder. But now the twin-screw main machine has become a common choice for extruders in China. Even the market share has far exceeded the share of the single-screw main engine. So what about the PET Sheet Twin Screw Extruder under GWELL’s innovative breakthrough?

PET Sheet Twin Screw Extruder meets the needs of industry development

1. Trend push

APET PETG CPET sheet extrusion line show

When there is a Chinese market, there will be development, and when there is development, there will be prospects. In the field of extruder industry, GWELL, as China PET sheet extrusion line Supplier, has promoted the development of PET Sheet Twin Screw Extruder under the continuous promotion of environmental protection concept.

2. Quality requirements

Under the breakthrough of innovation and the general trend, in order to meet the demand for quality, GWELL PET Sheet Twin Screw Extruder came into being. With strong logistics compatibility, good plasticizing ability, low energy consumption, and high production capacity, it has become a High-quality product required by many customers.

The PET Sheet Twin Screw Extruder production line that came into being

1. Low energy consumption

As a China PET sheet extrusion line manufacturer, GWELL’s production line built by PET Sheet Twin Screw Extruder has the advantage of low energy consumption and does not need to go through the drying process. The adopted dual exhaust structure design can ensure the low energy consumption and high production capacity of the production line. Low energy consumption equals low cost, because in the case of low energy consumption, it is not easy to cause loss of equipment, and there will be no more maintenance costs or costs for replacing equipment.

2. High performance

The emerging production line has many advantages, and its raw material applicability is relatively high, not only can meet the needs of low temperature, but also high-temperature resistance. Whether it is in a high temperature or low-temperature state, it has a high plasticizing ability and can recover 100% material. Ultra-high-performance production equipment is the foundation to ensure the excellent development of production enterprises. Therefore, choosing GWELL’s high-performance extruder can ensure the overall quality and level of the production line.

3. One-click acceleration

The integration of science and technology in the development of the times has made many products develop better, and the twin-screw extruder has a unique acceleration function. This function can adjust the overall speed of the equipment, achieve high-speed production, and can also reduce the waste of raw materials caused by the machine adjustment process.

4. More advanced intelligent control

In the era of intelligence, advanced control systems and the speed of transmission that can be achieved through the network have shown many advantages and can avoid errors in the process of information transmission. Under intelligent control, the speed and pressure of the equipment and the conveying of materials can also be kept in a stable state under the high-efficiency and stable control system, which can achieve higher production efficiency.

5. The winding part is more precise

The winding part of GWELL adopts servo control. It can maintain the same speed and function as the whole machine. It makes the winding more convenient, and also has higher safety performance. Moreover, the high-quality PET Sheet Twin Screw Extruder can also realize the simultaneous winding of all two and three, and complete the winding requirements efficiently and safely.

GWELL factory workshop real shot

6. High performance

The high performance presented by the twin-screw machine includes many aspects, including the ability to achieve high-efficiency production performance, high-precision operation performance, high stable operation status, and high safety performance. During the operation of the production line, if the equipment fails, it can also achieve fast and accurate positioning and remote maintenance. Therefore, unnecessary debugging or production downtime caused by debugging can be reduced to avoid downtime and loss of production enterprises. In the digital age, highly digital systems make debugging easier and system production line maintenance more convenient.

Perfect after-sales service

The production line formed by China PET Sheet Twin Screw Extruder has a perfect after-sales service guarantee, and the professional production brands often have their own service system, whether it is from the installation and debugging of the equipment or the high-quality production and manufacturing. support. Really let the manufacturer have no worries at all.

In recent years, as a China PET sheet extrusion line manufacturer, GWELL’s PET Sheet Twin Screw Extruder has been favored by many manufacturers, and more and more production lines have begun to incorporate such exclusive extruders. Because it has higher production efficiency, higher safety, and higher quality than single-screw extruders. Under such many advantages, the development of this GWELL twin-screw extruder and its position in the industry has been achieved. For production enterprises, being able to choose reliable machinery and equipment is the basis for ensuring high-efficiency production and production safety in the production process. It is also the basis for ensuring the quality of the products produced.


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