GWELL-Plastic Extruders Make Our Lives Better


Plastic extruders can change our lives because they help us make more high-quality plastic products. For example: GWELL pla sheet extrusion line and other plastic production lines allow us to make better use of plastics and produce more high-quality products, which can also improve our quality of life.

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The history of plastic extruders

The history of the plastic extruder began in the 1850s, when an engineer named Charles H. Todd invented a machine that could extrude plastic into shape. Shortly thereafter, another engineer, John W. Snyder, developed the first true plastic extruder, which used a screw to extrude plastic into shape.

With the popularity of plastic extruders, it has gradually become the main tool for manufacturing various plastic products. Today, plastic extruders are used worldwide to produce a wide variety of goods.

Structure of plastic extruder

The structure of the plastic extruder mainly includes five parts: the shell of the plastic extruder, the power unit, the mold, the inlet and the outlet.

The shell is an important part of protecting the body and plays a protective role in the production of plastic extruders. The power device is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, which can drive the bottom plate of the engine to rotate and drive the movement of various components. The mold is the main component that feeds the plastic pellets into the extruder and forms the profile, which has a decisive influence on the output and product quality. The feed port is the entrance for feeding the plastic particles into the extruder, and the discharge port is the outlet for sending the profiles out of the extruder.
The above five parts form a complete plastic extruder.

How a plastic extruder works

A plastic extruder is a machine that uses compressed air to push the plastic in the plastic pipe and blows the plastic out of the plastic through a needle with a smaller diameter. The working principle of the machine is: the pressure in the plastic pipe makes the plastic flow downward, and when the needle reaches a certain height, it will cause shearing force of the part to blow it out into shape. The plastic extruder is mainly composed of screw, barrel, screw shaft, feed hopper and screw end cap.

According to the structure, plastic extruders can be divided into single screw extruders and double screw extruders; according to the screw speed (r/min), they can be divided into high speed, medium speed and low speed; according to the screw material, they can be divided into ordinary metal screws , alloy steel screw, aluminum alloy screw, stainless steel screw and composite screw. There are many types of plastic extruders, but the most widely used are three types of plastic extruders.

Twin-screw plastic extruder is also known as double-head plastic extruder or double-head four-head machine. For example: twin-screw plastic extruder such as pla sheet extrusion line and petg film machine, the extruder consists of two parts, namely the screw and the nut. The screw is the power source of the whole machine, its structure is simple and relatively precise, and can be used for The conveying of molding materials with smaller diameter; and the nut is for supporting and fixing. The twin-screw extruder has high versatility, it can meet almost all material processing needs, and can complete the whole process from raw materials to finished products, especially suitable for high-speed or low-speed plastic extrusion processing.

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Application areas of plastic extruders

China plastic extruders are widely used in various industries, such as packaging, home appliances, automobiles, etc. The advantage is that the manufacturing process is simple, and it can produce plastic products of various shapes and sizes. At present, the plastic extruder has become one of the important equipments in the manufacturing industry.

The plastic extruder is a kind of plastic extruder which injects the molten plastic through the die at a certain pressure (usually 2.5~10MPa) into a hollow cavity full of flow properties, high shear strength and thermoplastics, and passes the convection action to the hollow mold. An extruded tube structure with continuous shear distribution is formed between the inner walls of the cavity, so as to obtain a uniform film, and at the same time, the molten plastic can be flowed away, and the desired product can be obtained without further processing. The plastic extruder is mainly composed of mold, extruder main body and auxiliary equipment. Its core component is the plastic extruder main engine. Its main performance indicators include: output, precision, speed, power and torque.

Advantages of plastic extruders

  • Advantages of plastic extruders.
  • High production efficiency The special robot system can realize automatic operation, which greatly improves the work efficiency.
  • Stable quality Professional design makes the machine have good manufacturing process and reliability.
  • Low cost The cost of plastic extruder is relatively low, which is a large investment for small and medium-sized enterprises.

How to choose a plastic extruder

When purchasing a plastic extruder, you need to consider the model, power, size, price and other factors of the plastic extruder.

When purchasing a plastic extruder, the appropriate plastic extruder model should be selected according to the output requirements and the materials used. Generally speaking, the higher the power of the plastic extruder, the higher the price. Generally, if you need to design and manufacture a plastic extruder, you can start from the following aspects:

  • Know the materials used.
  • Determine whether the main components required by the plastic extruder, such as motors, reducers, gearboxes, pulleys and bearings, are standard parts.
  • Determine the type and quantity of machines required for the plastic extruder. At present, there are two main types of plastic extruders produced in China, one is twin-screw extruder and the other is single-screw extruder, each of which has its own characteristics.

Care and maintenance of plastic extruders

  1. Maintenance of plastic extruder
    The plastic extruder is composed of two parts, one is the main engine and the other is the motor. During use, if it is found that the main unit is not working properly, the motor should be checked.
    Improper operation of the air motor can cause the plastic extruder to not work properly.
  2. Maintenance of plastic extruder
    The maintenance of plastic extruders is mainly carried out at regular times, such as weekly or monthly. This can ensure the normal operation of the plastic extruder.

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