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China gwell pc solid board extrusion line

PC PMMA solid board extrusion line

The main components of the PC PMMA solid board extrusion production line are selected from the world’s high-quality products (such as screws, barrels, rollers, etc.), energy consumption, intelligence, automation indicators, safety standards, and process standards are complete. As an excellent supplier of plastic extruders, GWELL’s complete set of equipment has approached the world’s high-quality product standards.

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pmma gpps sheet extrusion line

PMMA GPPS sheet extrusion line

PMMA GPPS sheet extrusion line produced by GWELL The main extruder with bimetallic barrel and screw is specially designed for GPPS PMMA processing (also known as PC), mainly concerned with the efficiency of the exhaust system. The gravimetric high-precision feeder guarantees a constant feed rate synchronized with the gear pump and extruder screw speed.

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pp pe pvc abs pvdf board extrusion line gwell

PP PE PVC ABS PVDF board extrusion line

GWELL as China Plastic Extruder Supplier, 500W PP PE PVC ABS PVDF board extrusion line, simple and convenient operation and maintenance, fast speed, high precision, can effectively improve production efficiency, change traditional production methods, and make rational use of plates.

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abs hips gpps sheet extrusion line 1 1

ABS HIPS GPPS sheet extrusion line

China Plastic Extruder Supplier ABS HIPS GPPS sheet extrusion line is mainly composed of 120 mainframes and several small mainframes through distributors. Now it has been mass-produced in China. China Plastic Extruder manufacturer – GWELL improves the original equipment technology, and automatically realizes closed-loop control through the host and metering pump, so that the precision and stability of the equipment reach the domestic leading level.

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