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gwell pp pc pe hollow sheet extrusion line

PP PC PE Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line

China GWELL PP PC PE hollow sheet extrusion line adopts a specially designed screw extruder and temperature control system to ensure stable plasticizing performance and extrusion efficiency. It has inserted the latest intelligent technology into its PLC program, which can guarantee a more stable, accurate and automated production line. Less labor and high output.

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APET PETG CPET sheet extrusion line show

APET PETG CPET sheet extrusion line

APET PETG CPET sheet extrusion line is improved from PET sheet production equipment. Depending on the type of extruder, there are different raw material processing methods. GWELL’s single-screw or twin-screw extruders can be used to produce three-layer PET sheets.

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