Solar Extrusion Line

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ETFE film extrusion line

ETFE film has the characteristics of heat resistance, self-cleaning, non-adhesion, high toughness and high ductility. These properties allow F-40 film to accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes during semiconductor packaging.

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pmma gpps sheet extrusion line

BIPV PVB photovoltaic film production line

The BIPV PVB photovoltaic film production line manufactured by GWELL adopts a unique design and advanced manufacturing technology. Improve the stability and automation of the machine. The feeding system is connected with the extruder to realize accurate proportioning of raw materials online so that the quality of PVB film is stable and labor is reduced. Use specially designed rollers to cool the PVB film evenly, reduce the stress caused by uneven heating and cooling, and ensure the correct shrinkage rate.

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gag sheet extrusion line

PP Solar Photovoltaic Backsheet Production Line

PP solar photovoltaic backsheet production line features the “one-key acceleration” function, which allows the equipment to achieve low-speed adjustment and high-speed production, greatly reducing the waste of raw materials caused by the adjustment process. Intelligent advanced control systems, network transmission speed is fast so that the information transmission error is greatly reduced, and the speed, pressure, and material conveying of the equipment are more stable through centralized control.

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eva poe solar film extrusion line display

EVA POE solar film extrusion line

China GWELL has two EVA POE solar film extrusion lines: one is a single screw extruder that can produce EVA or POE film monolayers. The other is co-extrusion, which can produce either single-layer EVA or POE film, or EVA/POE/EVA three-layer film (EPE film). It will be according to the customer’s request.

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pvdf polyolefins pp back sheet extrusion line overall real shot

PVDF PP solar plate extrusion line

China Plastic Extruder Supplier- GWELL, the entire PVDF PP solar plate extrusion line is made of car body and paint, beautiful and elegant, durable and not deformed.

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