EPE solar film extrusion line

Before the emergence of the EVA / POE / EPE solar film extrusion line, customers mainly needed EVA solar film and Poe solar film extrusion line. However, with the instability of the market, more and more customers want to have a device that has both EVA performance and POE performance and can reduce the cost of raw materials. Therefore, GWELL as China Plastic Extruder Supplier, GWELL developed the global first EPE solar film extrusion line according to customer needs. Since then, EPE extrusion line has become popular all over the world.


Development of Gwell’s EPE(EVA/POE/EVA) solar film extrusion line

Before the appearance of the EPE Solar Film Extrusion Line and EVA POE Solar Film Extrusion Line, customers mainly needed EVA solar film and Poe solar film extrusion line. However, with the instability of the market, more and more customers want to have a device that combines EVA performance and POE performance and can reduce the cost of raw materials. As a result, Gwell and its customers developed the world’s first EPE solar film extrusion line. Since then, the EPE extrusion production line has swept the world.


EPE solar film extrusion line Process Flows

Process Flows

Extruder —- Screen changer —– Melt pump —– T-die —— Calender —– Thickness Scanner —-Cooling Bracket —-Cuttting Knife —- Haul-off —-Winder


Features of Gwell’s EPE(EVA/POE/EVA) solar film extrusion line

  • Film Layers structure: According to the finished film, EVA/POE/EVA film has three layers(EPE film). It will be based on the customer requirements, EPE solar film extrusion line can also produce EVA or POE single layer.
  • China EVA / POE / EPE solar film is used for solar cell encapsulation. After lamination and curing, it is bonded and sealed. It plays the role of high light transmittance, preventing water vapor penetration, high and low-temperature resistance, and ultraviolet light resistance to ensure the stable and efficient use of battery modules. It is a durable and reliable packaging material. The EVA / POE / EPE packaging film extrusion line of Gwell machinery is in a leading position in the world.


Advantages of the Gwell EPE(EVA/POE/EVA) solar film extrusion line

  • EPE solar film extrusion production line currently has a global market share of 90%, including China, the United States, India, Turkey, Sri Lanka, etc.
  • If EPE film is produced, the speed can reach 12m/min-15m/min, if it is EVA, it can reach 15-18m/min, and if it is POE, it can reach 10-13m/min.
  • Cooling parts to ensure shrinkage rate is less than 3%.
  • GWELL special winder to ensure micro-tension, and achieve automatic winding and cutting.


Comparison of the Gwell EPE(EVA/POE/EVA) solar film and EVA solar film and POE solar film

  1. Transparent EVA solar film: with high light transmittance, it is used for bonding glass and cells; The raw materials are EVA resin and various modifiers, which are cheaper.
  2. White EVA solar film: compared with transparent EVA solar film, the pretreatment of white fillers such as titanium dioxide is added. It has a strong barrier, low light transmittance, and high reflectivity, which can improve the power generation of components. It has strong resistance to damp-heat aging and ultraviolet aging and can inhibit the aging and cracking of the back sheet.
  3. Poe solar film: Poe solar film has a higher water vapor barrier rate and stronger anti-PID performance so the module can be used for a long time. It is the main packaging adhesive film of a double-sided double glass module and film module at present.
  4. EPE(EVA/POE/EVA)solar film: It has both the anti-PID performance of POE and lamination efficiency of EVA solar film and reduces the use of POE particles to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. At present, it is mainly used in high-efficiency components.

From the perspective of the production process, the main process flow of transparent EVA film, white EVA film, and POE film includes batching, mixing, extrusion, shaping, slitting, and packaging. The process is roughly the same, the extrusion line is basically compatible, and can be converted to each other through technology transformation.


The future of the EVA/POE/EPE solar film market

The market growth of EPE solar film extrusion lines is mainly affected by the growth of photovoltaic installed capacity in China and the world. With the continuous decline of photovoltaic energy cost, photovoltaic power generation will accelerate to replace other traditional fossil energy power generation methods under the background of carbon neutralization.

The favorable policy side and the global photovoltaic economy are gradually highlighted. It is expected that the new installed capacity of global photovoltaics will grow rapidly in the next decade. From 2021 to 2025, the global average annual new installed capacity of photovoltaics is expected to reach 234GW. From 2026 to 2030, almost all the new power demand will be met by clean energy, and the average annual new installed capacity of photovoltaics is expected to reach 280GW.



 Extruder Type Co-extrusion GWS160+GWS160 Co-extrusion GWS180+GWS160 Co-extrusion GWS180+GWS180
Raw material EVA, POE
Layers EVA,POE,EVA/POE/EVA three layers(EPE)
Net width 2200mm-2600mm
Thickness range 0.2mm-1mm
Max linear speed 15m/min-18m/min
Application EVA、POE、EPE film for solar encapsulation


EPE solar film extrusion line application


EVA solar film extrusion line application


Because of EPE(EVA/POE/EVA) film superior adhesion,durability and optical characteristicas,which is maily used for

  1. crystalline silicon and solar module encapsulation for PV.
  2. dressing in the field.
  3. optical products.

EVA glass laminated film is widely used in

Deep processing of safety flat laminated glass, arc laminated glass, process laminated glass, bulletproof glass, color changing laminated glass, conductive smart glass, solar cell and other special glass.

EVA hot melt adhesive casting film and embossing film are widely used in

Sanitary products: medical surgical clothes, baby diaper film, women’s sanitary napkin bottom film, adult diaper film, pet pad film, disposable bed sheets, etc.

Daily necessities: umbrella, raincoat, suit coat, all kinds of tablecloth, shower cap, shower curtain, apron, chair cover, etc.

Packaging supplies: dust cover for computer and electrical appliances, soft packaging for cosmetics, shopping bags, gift bags, file bags, etc.

EPE solar film extrusion line video


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