EVA POE encapsulation film extrusion line

GWELL as China Plastic Extruder Supplier, The EVA POE encapsulation film extrusion line adopts a tape casting process and takes Poe and EVA as the main raw materials to produce POE and EVA encapsulation films, which are mainly used for the encapsulation of crystalline silicon and thin-film solar cell modules. Due to the advantages of POE and EVA encapsulation film in adhesion, aging resistance, and optical properties, it is more and more widely used in battery modules and various optical products.


Features of Gwell’s EVA POE encapsulation film extrusion line:

As a plastic extruder manufacturer in China, GWELL, EVA POE Encapsulation Film Extrusion Line and PVDF PP Solar Plate Extrusion Line use the casting process to produce POE and EVA encapsulation films with Poe and EVA as the main raw materials, which are mainly used for crystalline silicon and thin films. package. Thin film solar cell modules. Due to the advantages of POE and EVA packaging films in adhesion, aging resistance, optical properties, etc., they are more and more widely used in battery modules and various optical products.

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Process Flows


Extruder —- Screen changer —– Melt pump —– T-die —— Calender —– Thickness Scanner —-Cooling Bracket —-Cutting Knife —- Haul-off —-Winder


Performance of Gwell’s EVA POE encapsulation film extrusion line

  • The whole EVA POE encapsulation film extrusion line adopts low tension control to ensure that the product shrinkage is controlled within 3%.
  • Multi machine co-extrusion POE single screw extrusion, screw barrel constant temperature circulating water cooling system.
  • The roller body is embossed on both sides.
  • The cooling part adopts cooling roller and stress relief device to make the rubber film run smoothly and fully set, so as to ensure that the shrinkage rate is less than 3%.
  • The whole line adopts PLC automatic control to realize the operation of man-machine interface.
  • The production line is equipped with online quality monitoring and control system to ensure the product qualification rate.


Characteristics of Gwell’s EVA POE encapsulation film extrusion line:

  • The stress removal device can effectively remove the residual stress generated in the stretching and production process of EVA POE film online, so as to better solve the problem of heat shrinkage of EVA POE solar film extrusion line.
  •  The specially designed low-temperature extrusion system prevents the curing and cross linking of additives in advance under the condition of mixing and plasticization.
  • The special design of the tape casting part solves the problems of roll sticking and peeling.


Advantages of EVA POE encapsulation film extrusion line:

  • Good transparency and strong adhesion can firmly bond the glass and silicon wafer on the photovoltaic power generation panel together.
  • It has good durability, can resist high temperature, humidity, and ultraviolet light, and significantly improve the service life of photovoltaic panels
  • China EVA POE encapsulation film has no viscosity at room temperature, which is convenient for cutting operation. After hot pressing, thermal cross linking curing and bonding enhancement reaction will occur, resulting in permanent bonding and sealing.
  • High transparency and high adhesion can be applied to various interfaces, including glass, metal and plastics, such as pet.
  • Good durability can resist high temperature, moisture, ultraviolet and so on.
  • Easy to store. When stored at room temperature, the adhesion of EVA is not affected by humidity and absorbent film.
  • Compared with PVB, it has stronger sound insulation effect, especially high-frequency sound effect.


parameters of EVA POE encapsulation film extrusion line:

  • Light transmittance: glass / adhesive film / glass, air as reference, ≥ 91%;
  • Water absorption: soak at room temperature for 24h, ≤ 0.1%;
  • Cross linking degree: xylene extraction 5h, 80% ~ 90%;
  • Peel strength: adhesive film / glass: ≥ 50 N / cm; Adhesive film / TPT: ≥ 30n / cm;
  • UV aging resistance (UV irradiation 1000h, 83 ℃): yellowing index ≤ 2;
  • Heat aging resistance (1000h, 85 ℃): yellowing index  ≤ 2;
  • Damp heat aging resistance (1000h, rh85%, 85 ℃): yellowing index ≤ 2;


  • Blue light EVA POE encapsulation film (through 280nm ultraviolet light);
  • General EVA POE encapsulation film (through 310nm ultraviolet light);
  • UV blocking EVA POE encapsulation film (UV light is not transmitted);
  • Light transmittance ≥ 91%;
  • Cross linking degree 80% ~ 90%;
  • 1000h UV aging, ≤ 2;
  • 1000h damp heat aging, ≤ 1.


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 Extruder Type GWS160 GWS180
Raw material EVA, POE
Layers EVA,POE single layer
Net width 2200mm-2800mm
Thickness range 0.2mm-1mm
Max linear speed 15m/min-18m/min
Application EVA、POE、EPE  encapsulation film for PV


Because of EVA POE encapsulation film superior adhesion,durability and optical characteristics,which is mainly used for

  • crystalline silicon and solar module encapsulation for PV
  • dressing in the field.
  • optical products.

EVA glass laminated film is widely used in:

Deep processing of safety flat laminated glass, arc laminated glass, process laminated glass, bulletproof glass, color changing laminated glass, conductive smart glass, solar cell and other special glass.

With low melting point and easy flow, it can be applied to the gluing process of all kinds of glass, such as embossed glass, tempered glass, curved glass and so on.

Low temperature and low melting point EVA hot melt adhesive film is characterized by low temperature and low melting point. It is mainly applicable to composite materials with low temperature requirements or certain low temperature resistance requirements. Its water washing resistance is poor, and it is not resistant to dry cleaning. It is resistant to high temperature of 80 degrees and low temperature of minus 20 degrees. EVA hot melt adhesive film has three main melting points, namely 80 degrees, 90 degrees and 110 degrees. Among them, EVA hot melt adhesive film with melting point of 80 degrees is widely used. In addition, EVA hot melt adhesive film also has odorless, environmental protection, good tensile performance, high bonding strength and good elasticity. When the EVA adhesive film is not used, the color is white fog surface. The melted EVA hot melt adhesive is light brown or white and has good elastic properties.


EVA POE encapsulation film extrusion line video


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