EVA POE Solar PV Encapsulation Film Production Line

EVA POE Solar PV Encapsulation Film Production Line uses EVA or POE as raw material. The converting process includes material handling, heating, extrusion, calendering, cooling and winding. The production line can be customized according to customer requirements. The film product is a new type of thermosetting hot-melt film, which is not sticky at room temperature and is easy to operate.


EVA POE Solar PV Encapsulation Film Production Line Introduction

Solar panel packaging film extrusion line uses EVA or POE as raw material. The converting process includes material handling, heating, extrusion, calendering, cooling, and winding. The production line can be specially made according to customer requirements. The film product is a new type of thermosetting hot-melt film, which is not sticky at room temperature and is easy to operate. After heating and lamination, it is fully set and bonded. It can firmly bond silicon wafers, glass, and backplane multi-layer materials into one. Excellent resistance to heat and humidity, anti-ultraviolet performance, fully meet the requirements of long-term use of solar modules outdoors.


The EVA film production line for photovoltaic cell packaging developed by GWELL is an energy-saving, efficient, innovative and cost-effective extrusion production line. It is currently the most professional EVA film control production equipment for photovoltaic cells in China. For EVA photovoltaic adhesive film, the thermal shrinkage rate is generally required to be below 5%, in order to meet the requirements of battery packaging.

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In the traditional EVA photovoltaic film extrusion production equipment, due to the limited shrinkage requirements, the production speed is almost entirely dependent on the extrusion speed when the melt flows out of the die, which leads to the inability to increase the production speed. The newly launched low-shrinkage EVA photovoltaic film high-speed extrusion technology has made a major breakthrough in this area. Through the professionally developed stress relief device, the residual stress generated during the stretching of the film and the production process can be effectively eliminated online, so as to better solve the problem of thermal shrinkage of the EVA film.


Introduction to EVA and POE


EVA film has the advantages of environmental protection, long-term UV resistance, no yellowing, high light transmittance, strong adhesion, aging resistance, and low heat shrinkage. This product is mainly used for the packaging of solar cell modules. After lamination and curing, bonding and sealing are performed. It has the functions of high light transmittance of battery components, prevention of water vapor penetration, high and low-temperature resistance, and anti-ultraviolet rays, etc., to ensure stable and efficient use of battery components. , is a novel and reliable packaging material.


POE polyolefin elastomer has the general characteristics of thermoplastic elastomers but also has excellent toughness and good processing performance. The product features are as follows:

  • The product has an excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, and the working temperature range is wide.
  • It has good weather resistance and aging resistance. Since there are no unsaturated double bonds in the molecular structure of POE plastics, it has excellent aging resistance.
  • Oil resistance, compression set resistance, and wear resistance are not very good.
  • POE plastic has narrow molecular weight distribution, good fluidity, and good compatibility with polyolefin.
  •  Good fluidity can improve the dispersing effect of the filler on the product, and can also improve the weld line strength of the product.

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  •  Weather resistance, high temperature resistance, durability, moisture resistance, UV resistance, etc.
  • It has excellent adhesion to glass, metal, and plastic PET, and TPT, and maintains long-term adhesion.
  • Excellent light transmittance and transparency.
  •  Solar cells are deactivated and harmless during processing.
  • High cross-linking rate after lamination.
  • Good encapsulation performance.




  • The extruder has good mixing and plasticizing effect.
  • Eliminate thermal stress and solve the problem of heat shrinkage.
  • Unique design to solve the problem of the adhesive layer and peeling off of the adhesive film.

EVA POE solar PV encapsulation film production line Features


The encapsulation film for double-glass modules mainly includes EVA film and POE film. The photovoltaic film is mainly used in the encapsulation of photovoltaic modules and is the key material of photovoltaic modules. Adhesive film bonds photovoltaic cells with photovoltaic glass and the back sheet protect the cells and package them into photovoltaic modules capable of outputting direct current. If the film has problems such as a drop in light transmittance during use, the module will not be able to generate electricity normally and will be scrapped. Therefore, photovoltaic modules have higher requirements on light transmittance, weather resistance, bonding strength, aging resistance, and other properties of the adhesive film used for packaging.

The photovoltaic adhesive film is the core material of photovoltaic modules, including EVA adhesive film, POE adhesive film, etc. Among them, EVA is the most important packaging material. Although the cost of adhesive film only accounts for about 4% of the module cost, it is a key factor in determining the quality and life of photovoltaic module products.


Extruder Type Co-extrusion GWS160+GWS160 Co-extrusion GWS180+GWS160 Co-extrusion GWS180+GWS180
Raw material EVA, POE
Layers EVA, POE, EVA/POE/EVA three layers(EPE)
Net width 2200mm-2600mm
Thickness range 0.2mm-1mm
Max linear speed 15m/min-18m/min
Application EVA、POE、EPE film for solar encapsulation


  •  EVA solar panel packaging: used for solar panel packaging. Non-sticky at room temperature for easy handling. The curing and bonding reaction is produced by heat and pressure, resulting in a permanent adhesive seal.
  • EVA glass interlayer film: used for interior decorative glass interlayer.
  • POE solar panel packaging: used for solar panel packaging.
  • EVA POE packaging film is mainly used for solar cell packaging.
  • EVA/POE solar film, in terms of adhesion and durability, has superior optical properties and is more and more widely used in battery modules and many optical products.

EVA POE Solar PV Encapsulation Film Production Line


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