PE breathable film extrusion line

GWELL as China Plastic Extruder Supplier, PE ventilated film extrusion line is composed of: raw material automatic feeding system, twin-screw extruder mixing host, screw pump, extrusion molding system, stretch forming system, cooling and winding system. The PE ventilated film extrusion line can continuously complete the process of conveying raw materials, mixing, dispersing, casting extrusion, stretching and shaping, and winding.


PE breathable film extrusion line Introduction

GWELL as China Plastic Extruder manufacturer,PE ventilated film extrusion line is composed of: raw material automatic feeding system, twin-screw extruder mixing host, screw pump, extrusion molding system, stretch forming system, cooling and winding system.

GWELL PE breathable film extrusion production line can continuously complete the processes of raw material transportation, mixing, dispersion, casting extrusion, stretching and shaping, and winding.


PE breathable film extrusion line Advantages

  1. GWELL as China Plastic Extruder manufacturer,PE breathable film extrusion line is a continuous production process with high production efficiency. The complete production process from raw materials to breathable films is completed at one time.
  2. The automatic raw material supply system completes the storage and transportation of each raw material, and feeds it into the twin-screw extruder accurately in proportion. High degree of automation, no dust pollution and other environmental protection issues in the production process.
  3. The twin-screw mixing extruder adopts a high-torque transmission box and has high production efficiency. The gap between the barrel and the screw is small, and the dimensional accuracy is high. The inorganic filler is dispersed and distributed evenly in PE resin, so that the micropores in the film are small and evenly distributed.
  4. The extrusion molding system adopts precise molds and rollers, and the cast film is stable in width and uniform in thickness.
  5. The stretching and setting system consists of a heating device, a stretching device and a cooling device, which is stable in operation and uniform in tensile ratio.

PE breathable film is a new type of material in the world. It has the characteristics of breathability and no leakage and is widely used in many fields of life: sanitary napkins, diapers, medical surgical gowns and breathing paper in the construction industry, and other packaging products.
The breathable film contains a large proportion (50~ 60%) of ultra-fine density inorganic filler. After being treated by casting and stretching processes, countless micropores are formed and evenly distributed. The micropores have a pore size of 0.1 to 10 microns and form a passage through which gas passes, and at the same time only permeates gas without leaking liquid.


PE breathable film extrusion line Process Flows

pe breathable film extrusion line

Extruder —- Screen changer —– Melt pump —– T-die —— Calender —– Thickness Scanner —-Cooling Bracket —-Cutting Knife —- Haul-off —-Winder

PE breathable membrane is a new type of breathable and impermeable material in the world. Its main component is polyethylene. To be precise, it is a polymer material synthesized from polyethylene. Because of its soft skin affinity, high tensile strength, and good moisture permeability, it is widely used in various fields of life, such as women’s sanitary napkins, pad bottom film, baby diapers, diapers, etc. At the same time, PE breathable film is also the most important material for mask medical packaging.

PE breathable membrane is also called breathing membrane. At present, PE breathable membrane is basically used in diapers (including baby and adult diapers), sanitary napkins, and Mommy napkins in China, with an air permeability of about 2000-2500.


pe breathable film extrusion line 4


China GWELL PE breathable membrane features:

1. Good air permeability

It can pass through gas but not water, so it can not only effectively isolate water, but also discharge heat and moisture. It can be used as waterproof material with moisture resistance.

2. Skin-friendly and soft

PE breathable film has an excellent hand feel, and the product is soft and comfortable. Compared with an ordinary nonbreathable membrane, it is not easy to cause eczema and other red ass problems on baby’s delicate skin.

3. Excellent tensile and extensibility

It can appropriately improve the air convection in the user’s small environment and is conducive to skin breathing.

4. Green environmental protection

Due to the characteristics of its raw materials, PE breathable membrane is a new environmental protection material without damaging the environment.

5. Good chemical resistance, not easy to corrosion


pe breathable film extrusion line 5


Principle of PE breathable membrane:

China GWELL is a China Plastic Extruder manufacturer. The PE breathable film it produces is made of LDPE/LLDPE polyethylene resin carrier and about 50% of special calcium carbonate blended, extruded, and directionally stretched according to a certain proportion.

As polyethylene resin is a thermoplastic material, it can be stretched and crystallized under certain conditions. During stretching, the interface between polymer and calcium carbonate particles peels, and interconnected winding pores or channels are formed around calcium carbonate particles. It is these pores and channels that give the air permeability (wet) function of the film, so as to communicate the environment on both sides of the film.

pe breathable film extrusion line 1


 Extruder Type Single screw extruder GWS90 Single screw extruder GWS120 Single screw extruder GWS150 Single screw extruder GWS160
Raw material LDPE, LLDPE
Net width 1500mm 2200mm 2800mm 3200mm
Thickness range 0.02mm-1mm
weight of product 15-50g/m2
output 200kg/h 400kg/h 550kg/h 650kg/h
Line speed 200m/min


  1. Daily necessities: raincoat, suit coat, eye mask, all kinds of the tablecloth, shower cap, shower curtain, water bag, tablecloth, etc.
  2. Sanitary products: diapers, sanitary napkins, medical-surgical clothes, special medical packaging, and food packaging.
  3. Packaging supplies: computer, air conditioner, electrical dust cover, car cover, cosmetics flexible packaging, shopping bags, gift bags, folders, and archives.
  4. Packaging bags: fashion packaging, cosmetic bags, high-grade stationery, shoulder hugging saliva, wardrobe, fishing bags, handbags, bags, and other product applications.

pe breathable film extrusion line 2


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