PETG film extrusion line

As China Plastic Extruder manufacturer, China GWELL’s PETG film extrusion line adopts multi-machine co-extrusion technology to produce multi-layer co-extruded composite PET sheets such as APET/PETG, PETG/APET/PETG, APET/RPET/APET, etc. Plastic blister, printing, hardware bags, gift folding boxes, etc.


China GWELL as China Plastic Extruder Supplier, PETG film extrusion line adopts multi-machine co-extrusion technology to produce multi-layer co-extruded composite PET sheets such as APET/PETG, PETG/APET/PETG, APET PETG CPET Sheet Extrusion Line, etc., which are widely used in blister suction Plastic, printing, hardware bags, gift folding boxes, etc.

The PETG film machine is a state-of-the-art product designed to cater to the needs of those in the packaging and laminating industry. This machine boasts advanced technology and precision, making it an ideal option for various lamination and packaging applications.


  • Equipped with the precision distributor, the layer is uniform, and the proportion of each layer is adjustable for digital display.
  • Inclined horizontal tablet structure makes operation and maintenance more convenient.
  • The roller is driven independently, the linear speed is synchronized with the extruder speed, closed-loop control, and full servo system.
  • PETG film extrusion line is controlled by Siemens PLC to realize the automatic control of parameter setting, data operation, feedback, alarm, and other functions.
  • The operation procedure and control system are independently written by Gwell.


PETG film extrusion line Process Flows

PETG film extrusion line Process Flows

Extruder —- Screen changer —– Melt pump —– T-die —— Calender —– Thickness Scanner —-Cooling Bracket —-Cutting Knife —- Haul-off —-Winder


PETG film produced from PETG sheets is a new type of high-tech building decoration material. Its high-quality characteristics completely solve many defects in the process of traditional materials in the process of processing and use, and can better reflect energy conservation, environmental protection, innovation and guidance. A low-carbon living environment is a truly green and environmentally friendly product. The products produced by China GWELL are now widely used in developed countries such as Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea, and lead the fashion trend of the international architectural decoration industry, and are favored by professional designers and consumers.


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PETG film Extrusion Line process

  • Raw material conveying: compressed air or roots fan is used to pneumatic conveying to the designated silo.
  • Silo: Store raw material slices and enter the weightless metering device through the raw material’s gravity.
  • Weightlessness measurement: Weightlessness scale is used to measure and feed to achieve accurate control of unloading quantity and ensure stable uniformity of feeding of PETG film Extrusion Line.
  • Feeding: Screw feeding is adopted to ensure uniform and continuous feeding.
  • Metal detection separator: Detects and separates metal impurities in raw material slices and recycled materials to ensure the purity of raw materials.
  • Extrusion: A vacuum exhaust twin-screw extruder is adopted to help reduce the degradation of melt raw materials and the generation of bubbles; the temperature range is 240-285℃.
  • Coarse-filter: Disc filter is adopted to increase the filtration area of PETG film extrusion line and reduce replacement frequency, improve production efficiency, the filter aperture is larger than the fine filter.
  • Melt metering pump: The double gear metering pump is adopted to achieve proper melt extrusion amount and ensure uniform melt flow and pressure stability.
  • Fine filtration: using disc filter to increase filtration area, reduce replacement frequency, improve production efficiency, and filter aperture 25-40um.
  • Static mixing (adapter): China GWELL PETG film extrusion line is multi-layer co-extrusion, which makes the melt mix more uniform and flow into the die more stably.
  • Die: Using thermal expansion bolts to automatically or manually adjust the T-die lip clearance through the thickness gauge feedback information, can get better PET-G thick sheet with uniform thickness, and the die temperature is 260-285℃.

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  • Electrostatic adsorption: Using steel strip type electrostatic adsorption tape, the casting sheet flowing out of the die by high voltage electrostatic is flat and tightly adsorbed on the surface of the hand drum, and by increasing the exhaust above the dice, to reduce the condensation of volatiles and oligomers in the melt around the die.
  • Casting: The process of cooling the cold drum through the temperature control unit, the temperature is 25-30℃, the melt flows out through the melt pipe through the die lip under the pressure of the metering pump, and then cooled by the rotating cold drum to form a solid sheet.
  • Infrared thickness gauge: infrared thickness measuring system equipment is used to measure and control the thickness of the thick sheet.
  • Auxiliary winding: the cast sheet from the die, hard drum, after thickness gauge detection, judged to be wrong (uneven thickness, edge serpentine, bubbles, impurities, holes, surface protrusions, surface particles or oligomers, unmelted particles, surface drawing, etc.), crushing and re-granulating after auxiliary winding.
  • China GWELL petg film extrusion line Longitudinal stretching: preheating, stretching, shaping and cooling four sections, each section is distributed with a different number of rollers, roller driven by inverter motor, can control and adjust the longitudinal tensile ratio according to the production process, roller temperature is heated or cooled through the temperature control unit, different sections set different temperatures according to the production process, longitudinal stretch ratio: 1.05-3.0 times, temperature range: preheating, stretching, stereotyped 70- 90℃; cooling 30-50℃.
  • Infrared heating: one or two sets of infrared heating pipes are used to control the heating of thick sheets up, down or left and right, the heating device is installed in the stretching section, and the cooling system is attached.
  • Transverse stretching: divided into four sections: preheating, stretching, shaping and cooling; each team has different temperatures, 75-100℃, tensile ratio 3-4.5 times trimming: remove thick edges and waste edges that are not stretched and unevenly stretched.
  • Corona treatment: increase film surface tension to facilitate the printing of PETG film extrusion line products and subsequent film finishing
  • Rewinding: Trimmed and a winder rolls corona treated film into a large, wide and large diameter master roll.
  • Aging treatment: The process of placing the large mother roll on the steel core bracket of the mother coil and eliminating the stress in the film after 24 hours of static aging.
  • slitting: Through the unwinding machine, the large width and large diameter master roll are cut into small film rolls of the width and length required by the order, convenient for transportation and subsequent printing processing.
  • Packaging: Weigh and label the small film role, pack it into the packing carton, affix the certificate of conformity, put it on the pallet, wrap the film for sealing and other operations.


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PETG film Extrusion Line Features


  1. The unique cross-flow channel and thin-wall design of the PETG sheet machine, the temperature and flow rate of the cooling water are controlled by PLC to keep the temperature of the roll surface uniform, and the temperature difference of the roll surface is controlled by 1°C. Inside, the cooling effect is better and the product quality is more stable, because it solves the problems of the rollers designed in the past, and can increase the output:
  2. The opening of the die lip is automatically controlled and adjusted by the thickness gauge according to the feedback signal of the film uniformity. The die head is divided into several different heating zones. The unique heating control technology can control the die head more effectively and accurately. temperature in each zone. Multi-layer co-extrusion automatic flat die head, with thickness gauge feedback adjustment, to ensure the thickness uniformity of the film and decorative film, the product thickness error is within ±3%;
  3. The PETG sheet machine is equipped with high-precision tension measuring rollers and winding tension floating rollers to achieve high-sensitivity and high-precision control of tension control and ensure the internal and external consistency of winding tension. The intuitive man-machine interface can be set, modified, programmed and fine-tuned at any time, which is very convenient. The winding diameter can reach 1200mm, which reduces the number of roll changes, saves space for finished products, reduces the workload of workers, and improves work efficiency.
  4. China PETG sheet machine edge material recycling system, high-efficiency crushing and air supply pipeline system, cyclone separation dust removal device and central forced crushing feeding system, save raw material costs for customers, and the finished product rate reaches 95%


PETG film Extrusion Line product features

  1. Environmental affinity: non-toxic, pollution-free, recyclable and degradable, is an excellent green and environmentally friendly material;
  2. Variety of China PETG Film Extrusion Line: There are many kinds of colors and patterns, which perfectly reflect nature, elegance and fashion;
  3. Chemical stability: no cracking, no discoloration, not easy to fold, no whitening when bending, good toughness;
  4. Durability of protection: wear resistance, scratch resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, easy decontamination, etc., to achieve the effect of protection as new and long service life;
  5.  Barrier tightness: the gas permeability is almost zero, which can effectively block toxic gases (such as formaldehyde, benzene, dioxins, etc.) released by various adhesives, coatings, adhesives and other materials;
  6.  Excellent flame retardancy: after special flame retardant treatment, excellent fire resistance performance, entirely in line with the international fire protection standards in the industry;
  7. High efficiency and energy saving: The PETG film extrusion line is easy to operate and effectively solves the difficult problems of energy waste and environmental pollution caused by traditional processes (electroplating, painting, etc.).

The PETG Film Extrusion Line – a cutting-edge product designed to provide manufacturers with a reliable and efficient solution for producing high-quality PETG films. This machine is specifically designed for extruding PETG films, which are used in a wide range of applications such as food packaging, medical packaging, and industrial packaging. With its advanced features and superior performance, the PETG Film Extrusion Line is an essential tool for manufacturers looking to produce high-quality films with precision and consistency.

One of the key attributes of the PETG Film Extrusion Line is its ability to produce PETG films with exceptional clarity and optical properties. The machine is equipped with advanced technology that allows for the precise control of each layer’s thickness, ensuring that the film’s optical properties are optimized. This is essential for applications where high levels of transparency and clarity are required, such as in packaging for high-end consumer products.

Another advantage of the PETG Film Extrusion Line is its versatility. The machine can produce a wide range of films with different layer configurations and thicknesses, depending on the specific requirements of the application. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for manufacturers who need to produce a variety of products with different specifications.

In addition to its precision and versatility, the PETG Film Extrusion Line is also highly efficient. The machine is designed to operate at high speeds, allowing for the production of large quantities of film in a short period of time. This high-speed operation reduces manufacturing costs and increases productivity, making it an excellent investment for manufacturers looking to improve their production efficiency.

The PETG Film Extrusion Line also offers a range of advanced features that ensure its reliable and safe operation. The machine is equipped with automatic control systems that monitor and adjust key parameters such as temperature, pressure, and thickness during the extrusion process. This ensures that the film is produced to the desired specifications every time, with no variation or defects.

Safety is also a top priority for the PETG Film Extrusion Line. The machine is equipped with a range of safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and sensors that prevent accidents and ensure that the machine operates safely and efficiently. This is essential in manufacturing environments where safety is a top priority.

The PETG Film Extrusion Line is also designed for easy maintenance and servicing. The machine is constructed from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in a manufacturing environment. It is easy to clean and maintain, and requires minimal downtime for servicing, ensuring that it is always available when needed.

Overall, the PETG Film Extrusion Line is an essential tool for manufacturers who need to produce high-quality, high-performance films efficiently and reliably. Its precision, versatility, and efficiency make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, while its advanced safety features and reliable operation ensure that it is a machine that can be relied on day after day. If you are looking for a high-quality film extrusion solution, the PETG Film Extrusion Line is the perfect choice.”


Uses: Mainly used to decorate the surface of building materials such as panels, metal, glass, aluminum profiles, etc., widely used in high-grade furniture, home appliances, cabinets, wardrobes, doors, ceilings, interior, and exterior wall decoration, elevator envelopes and other industries.


 Extruder Type GWS120+GWS65 GWS150+GWS65 GWP85+GWP52 GWP95+GWP65
Film layers Single layer or Three layers (A/B/A)
Raw material PETG, APET, RPET
Net width 600-1500mm 800-1500mm 800-1500mm 1000-1500mm
Thickness range 0.05-0.75mm
Capacity 400-500kg/h 550-650kg/h 500-750kg/h 800-1000kg/h


GWELL’s product use as China Plastic Extruder Supplier: it is mainly used to decorate the surface of building forest materials such as plate, metal, glass and aluminum profiles. It is widely used in furniture, household appliances, cabinets, wardrobe, doors, hanging items, indoor and outdoor wall decoration, elevator car body and other industries.

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