PVB SGP film extrusion line

PVB SGP film extrusion line is divided into two types. One is the dry process, also known as the roller process, which is extruded by stretching the film, cooled in the air, and rolled. The other is the wet process, also known as the waterwheel method. The stretched film is cooled and extruded through a tank, and then blown to dry after winding.


PVB SGP film extrusion line is divided into two kinds. One is a dry process, also called the roll method of process, through the stretch film extrusion, cooling stereotypes winding in the air. The other is a wet process, also called watercraft, stretches film extrusion of film through tank cooling stereotypes, and blows dry after winding.

The equipment of the two processes is very different, and the price is also very different. The main machine can use a single-screw extruder or a parallel twin-screw extruder according to different needs and raw materials. PVB glass film production line and PVA film extrusion line are the core technologies of China GWELL.

PVB intermediate film is a translucent film, which is a polymer material plasticized and extruded by polyvinyl butyral resin with a plasticizer.

The appearance is a translucent film, free of impurities, flat surface, certain roughness,, and good softness. It has good adhesion to inorganic glass and has the characteristics of transparency, heat resistance, cold resistance, moisture resistance, and high mechanical strength.

It is the best bonding material for manufacturing interlayer and safety glass in the world. At the same time, it is used in building curtain walls, tents, windows, bank counters, prison visiting windows, steel furnace screens, and various bulletproof glass are also widely used in construction fields.


PVB SGP film extrusion line Process Flows


pvb sgp film extrusion line process flows

Extruder —- Screen changer —– Melt pump —– T-die —— Calender —– Thickness Scanner —-Cooling Bracket —-Cutting Knife —- Haul-off —-Winder


China Gwell Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of PVB SGP film extrusion lines.
China’s top three PVB manufacturers are using Gwell’s PVB dry process (by roller) and PVB wet process (by water) film equipment. India’s first PVB film production line is also made by Gwell.

  • PVB film width: 3600mm (Max),
  • PVB film thickness: 0.38-1.52mm,
  • Output: 500-800kg/h,
  • Shrinkage: ≤2%,
  • Total length of production line: 28m.
  • It can be cut into the desired width according to the user’s requirements.

pvb svg film extrusion line 5

PVB SGP film extrusion line has the following characteristics

  1. Adapt to different types of processing systems with various materials.
  2. From loading material to the final winding, it is using automatic mixing, and PLC full integration, and it can do turnkey projects.
  3. High output, low energy consumption, and a high degree of automation.


pvb svg film extrusion line 4

Its high performance is reflected in

The shear mode of ionic film SGP is more than 50 times that of PVB, and the tear strength is 5 times that of PVB. When the laminated glass produced by the ionic film is stressed, there is basically no sliding between the two pieces of glass. The two pieces of glass are like one piece of glass, and the bearing capacity is twice that of PVB laminated glass. Under the condition of equal load and the same thickness, the bending of SGP laminated glass is only 1 / 4 of that of PVB laminated glass.


Compared with the laminated glass produced by PVB, the laminated glass produced by SGP film has better performance because it has the following properties:

  1. It has a high bonding ability to glass and strong tear strength, which can prevent the flying of glass breakage.
  2. It has a strong protection ability, can prevent natural disasters and human damage, and has sufficient resistance to strong winds, earthquakes, violence, theft, etc.
  3. It can withstand the sudden impact of indoor personnel, prevent the glass from flying or falling out as a whole, and prevent indoor personnel and articles from flying out and falling.
  4. There is enough residual bearing capacity, and the whole piece will not fall off when the glass is bent after breaking.
  5. SGP film has enough shear die to make the whole section of laminated glass work under bending, improve the bearing capacity and bending rigidity of glass, and reduce the thickness and weight of glass.
  6. It can withstand the influence of ultraviolet, water vapor and external climate change, and there will be no yellowing and discoloration after long-term use
  7. Excellent mechanical properties and high strength. Under the same thickness, the bearing capacity of the SGP interlayer is twice that of PVB; Under the same load and thickness, the bending deflection of SGP laminated glass is one-fourth of that of PVB;
  8. Tear strength. Under the same thickness, the tear strength of PVB laminated film is 5 times that of PVB. In case of tear, it can also be bonded to the glass without falling the whole glass.
  9. Strong stability and moisture resistance. SGP laminated film is colorless, transparent, and UV resistant. It is not easy to turn yellow after long-term sun and rain, and the yellowing coefficient is less than 1.5. However, the yellowing coefficient of PVB laminated film is 6 ~ 12. Therefore, SGP is the darling of ultra-white laminated glass.

The PVB film extrusion line is a high-performance machine designed to produce PVB films of varying thicknesses and sizes. It is an ideal solution for clients looking to produce high-quality films for use in the automotive, architectural, and solar industries, among others. In this product description, we will introduce the attributes, functions, and advantages of the PVB film extrusion line.

One of the key features of the PVB film extrusion line is its ability to produce films with exceptional clarity and transparency. This makes it an ideal option for applications where clarity is of utmost importance, such as automotive windshields or architectural glass. Additionally, the machine is equipped with an automatic control system that ensures precise and accurate production, even for complex designs.

The PVB film extrusion line is also designed with versatility in mind. It can handle a wide range of materials, including PVB, EVA, and TPU, making it an ideal option for clients looking to produce a variety of products. The machine is also built to cater to various production capacities, with options ranging from small-scale to large-scale production.

Another significant advantage of the PVB film extrusion line is its exceptional efficiency. It features a high-speed motor that ensures fast and seamless operation, thereby enhancing productivity and reducing production time. The machine is also designed to minimize waste, which translates into lower production costs and increased profitability for clients.

One of the key selling points of the PVB film extrusion line is its durability. It is built with high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, making it a long-lasting and reliable investment. The machine is also easy to maintain, with minimal requirements for upkeep, which further reduces costs for clients.

In addition to its impressive performance and reliability, the PVB film extrusion line is also designed with safety in mind. It comes equipped with various safety features, including an emergency stop button, automatic shutdown function, and overload protection system, which help to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of operators.

The PVB film extrusion line is also an eco-friendly option that helps to reduce the environmental impact of the plastic industry. The production of PVB films using this machine results in lower carbon emissions, reduced water consumption, and less waste. Additionally, the use of recyclable materials such as PVB helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and oceans.

Overall, the PVB film extrusion line is a top-of-the-line product that delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and environmental sustainability. With its advanced technology, versatility, and ease of use, it is an ideal option for those in the plastic industry looking to produce high-quality films that meet the specific needs of their clients while minimizing their impact on the environment.


 Extruder Type Single screw extruder GWS150, parallel twin screw extruder GWP 95 parallel twin screw extruder co-extrusion GWP95+GWP52, GWP135+GWP52
Raw material PVB, SGP PVB, SGP
Layers single layer single layer, double layer or three layers
Net width 1500-2800mm 2400mm-3600mm
Thickness range 0.38-1.52mm
output 350-600kg/h 600-980kg/h


Main USES of PVB film:

  1. PVB automobile safety glass film extrusion line: PVB film is mainly used as the intermediate layer of automobile front windshield
  2. PVB building glass intermediate film extrusion line: PVB film is mainly used as the intermediate layer of high-rise building glass
  3. PVB solar film extrusion line: PVB film is used for packaging solar film batteries


pvb svg film extrusion line 6

pvb svg film extrusion line 9



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