PVDF film extrusion line

China GWELL as China Plastic Extruder Supplier, PVDF film extrusion line has been fully verified by the market. In China, PVDF membrane is used to replace DuPont Terra (PVF) membrane, and the performance is almost the same. Welcome to visit!


PVDF solar plate back film production line detailed description

GWELL as China Plastic Extruder manufacturer, the pvdf cast film production line is developed and designed by China GWELL Company, which is in a leading position in the industry.


PVDF film extrusion lines represent the latest development in HANDERN stretch film extrusion technology. It biaxially stretches PVDF films to form materials with higher tear strengths that can be used as solar cell back sheets. By biaxial stretching, the film’s molecular structure acquires a composite orientation. Compared with ordinary PVDF film, biaxially oriented film has better strength and straightness.


China GWELL’s PVDF film extrusion lines outperform most contemporaries in configuration, energy savings, and manufacturing and processing technology. Comprehensive performance tests show that all GWELL extrusion equipment technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. GWELL’s PVDF Film Extrusion Line is one of China’s fastest and most advanced products for producing extruded PVDF film.


PVDF film, technical name polyvinylidene fluoride.


GWELL as China Plastic Extruder manufacturer, GWS75 PVDF film extrusion line can be used to produce PVDF film with a thickness of 25-30 microns and a width of 1250mm. The production line speed is 20m/min and the output can reach 120KG/H.

The GWS90 PVDF film extrusion line can be used to produce PVDF solar plate back film with a thickness of 25-30 microns and a width of 1250mm. The production line speed is 30m/min and the output can reach 180KG/H.

GWS120 PVDF film extrusion line can be used to produce PVDF silicon wafer pickling thick plate with a thickness of 1-10mm and width of 1250mm, and the output is about 350KG/H.


PVDF film extrusion line Process Flows

PVDF film extrusion line Process Flows

Extruder —- Screen changer —– Melt pump —– T-die —— Calender —– Thickness Scanner —-Cooling Bracket —-Cutting Knife —- Haul-off —-Winder

  1. GWELL as China Plastic Extruder manufacturer The whole set of equipment adopts Siemens PLC, closed control, first-level speed increase, and easy operation.


  1. The unique screw design of the extruder ensures that the plastic is melted, the colour is uniform, and the extrusion volume is large.


  1. The fully automatic mould belt thickness gauge can more effectively fine-tune the thickness deviation of the melt in the transverse width of the mould, and the thickness uniformity is guaranteed to be ±1 wire.


  1. The casting roller adopts the inner flow channel processing method to ensure that the temperature is controlled by plus or minus 1 degree, and the rolling surface control accuracy is plus or minus one wire to ensure the thickness of the casting film is more accurate.


  1. The Italian Re tension sensor and control system is used to ensure that the tension control is positive and negative.


  1. A full set of servo motors and servo controllers make the equipment run more accurately.


  1. The automatic slitting and winding machine have two functions: contact winding and gap winding. The winding has taper tension control; the adjustment range is 5-200N/M.

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Introduction of PVDF Film Extrusion Line Parts




Based on rich experience in resin properties and rheological principles, through continuous simulation and optimization design, China GWELL has launched various series of extrusion systems suitable for processing different materials. The optimally designed extruder for manufacturing PVDF material is precisely processed, not only has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance but also has the characteristics of high output, low energy consumption, high plasticization and so on.




Based on rich experience, combined with resin properties and rheological principles, through continuous simulation and optimization design, China GWELL has launched various extrusion systems for processing different materials. In addition, through the simulation system, the design of the PVDF material is optimized, and the achievement of perfect thickness tolerances is facilitated.


WSD-III Winder


GWELL as China Plastic Extruder Supplier, the winder adopts modular design, multi-function, suitable for winding various materials, can replace 3-inch or 6-inch air shaft. It has a pre-acceleration function to reduce tension fluctuations and improve winding quality. It also integrates automatic film cutting, roll changing, unloading, meter counting and taper control. The tension control system can automatically track the film position according to its surface tension to increase the flatness of the film. The winder effectively reduces labor intensity and waste, and improves work efficiency and safety performance.


PVDF solar membrane uses


PVDF membrane is an alternative to “Tedlar”, used in the production line for solar plate composite materials, and also used in seawater desalination, sewage treatment, lithium battery diaphragm composite, and outdoor building membrane engineering.


Common properties between PVF film and PVDF film


Both fluoride and fluorocarbon copolymer, have a larger chemical bonding force and structure stability, therefore, they will not react to atmospheric pollution factors, even if the solvent with strong corrosion ability will not cause damage to it.

  • It can protect the metal plate surface from rust, and protects the decorative surface from fading or bristling;
  • It will not be stimulated by UV then be changed in tissue structure;
  • The sun will not accelerate its “aging”;
  • It won’t be changed in structure even if the work environment temperature keeps changing, and actually work environment allowing the change interval of temperature to reach by 180 ℃ (70 ~ + 110 ℃) can adapt to almost all areas of outdoor environment on the earth.

China Suzhou Gaowei Machinery Co., Ltd. has provided a number of PVDF film extrusion lines for many domestic enterprises. The film thickness is uniform and the thickness precision is high.


GWELL as China Plastic Extruder Supplier, PVDF film extrusion line has been fully verified by the market. In China, PVDF membrane is used to replace DuPont Terra (PVF) membrane, and the performance is almost the same. Welcome to visit!


PVDF film (polyvinylidene fluoride film) is a film made by salivation stretching.


China GWELL PVDF material has many advantages, such as high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, high aging resistance, good heat stability, flame retardant (low smoke), ultraviolet and nuclear radiation resistance, impact resistance, strong weather resistance, high mechanical strength and tenacity, mold resistance.


 Extruder Type one single screw extruder two single screw extruder coextrusion
product structure single layer single, double or three layers
Net width 1250-2200mm
Thickness range 0.02-0.03mm
Capacity 120-180kg/h 140-200kg/h
line speed 30m/min



  1. GWELL PVDF solar plate back film extrusion line: the film is used for solar plate back film to protect the battery, mainly for aging resistance and abrasion resistance;
  2. PVDF outdoor decoration film extrusion line: the film is used for the protection of glass, external walls, doors, and Windows, outdoor billboards of outdoor buildings, mainly for aging resistance and abrasion resistance;
  3. PVDF battery diaphragm film extrusion line: the membrane is used for diaphragm applications in fuel cells and lithium-ion polymer batteries;
  4. PVDF filtration membrane film extrusion line: membrane filtration membrane is used for water purification treatment, divided into ultrafiltration membrane and microfiltration membrane. It is mainly used for sewage treatment, seawater desalination, and the removal of macromolecules, bacteria, sediment, salt, and other impurities.
  5. PVDF piezoelectric film extrusion line: PVDF piezoelectric film has the advantages of wide frequency response, large dynamic range, high sensitivity of power and electricity conversion, high mechanical property strength, and easy matching of acoustic impedance, etc.


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