XPS foaming board extrusion line

China GWALL, as a Plastic Extruder Supplier, the XPS foaming board extrusion line adopts the component scale to automatically mix and add materials to realize the intelligent injection of CO2 by the flow meter. China GWELL plasticizing adopts two-stage extruder, the first stage adopts co-rotating twin-screw extruder, and the plasticizing and mixing effect is good; the first stage adopts single-screw extruder, which has excellent cooling effect.


XPS foaming board extrusion line Characteristics

  1. GWELL as China Plastic Extruder Supplier, Intelligent CO2 injection can be realized by using component scale automatic mixing and feeding and cooperating with a flowmeter.
  2. The two-stage extruder is used for plasticization, and the first stage adopts a co-rotating twin-screw extruder, which has a good plasticization and mixing effect; The second stage adopts a single screw extruder with an excellent cooling effect.
  3. GWELL adopts freon/alcohol/CO2 three-way injection system, which can switch the foaming medium according to different raw materials and processes, and is easy to operate.
  4. The static mixer is used to mix the materials more fully.
  5. The temperature adjustable flattening machine is adopted, and the flattening thickness and angle can be easily adjusted; The first level traction adopts multi roller group traction, which can fully cool the product surface and is easy to the skin while increasing the traction force.
  6. Adopt double knife cutting, no chips, and low noise.


XPS air conditioning insulation board is extruded polystyrene insulation board. It is a rigid foam board made of polystyrene resin and other raw materials and polymers. It is heated and mixed and injected into the catalyst. Then it is extruded and extruded to form a rigid foam board.


Its scientific name is insulation polystyrene foam plastic (XPS), and XPS has a perfect closed-cell honeycomb structure. This structure makes the XPS board have very low water absorbency (almost no water absorption), low thermal conductivity, high compressive resistance, and aging resistance (normal use almost no aging decomposition phenomenon).


XPS foaming board extrusion line Product Flows

XPS foaming board extrusion line Product Flows

Extruder —- Screen changer —–Melt pump —– T-die —— Calender —– Cooling bracket —– Haul-off—- Cutter —— Conveyor —– Stacker


Performance features:

1. Thermal insulation

With the characteristics of high thermal resistance, low linearity and low expansion ratio, its structure has a closed-hole ratio of more than 99%, forming a vacuum layer, avoiding air flow and heat dissipation, and ensuring the durability and stability of its thermal insulation performance. Compared with the 80% closed-hole ratio of foaming polyurethane, its leading advantage is really obvious. Practice has proved that 20mm thick XPS extrusion insulation board, its insulation effect is equivalent to 50mm thick foam polystyrene, 120mm thick cement perlite. Therefore, this material is the best choice for building heat insulation.

2. High compressive strength

Due to the special structure of XPS plate, its compressive strength is extremely high and its impact resistance is extremely strong. According to the different models and thickness of XPS, its compressive strength can reach more than 150 ~ 500Kpa, and it can withstand various systems of the ground load. It is widely used in geothermal engineering, expressway, airport runway, square ground, large cold storage and interior decoration insulation and other fields.


3. Hydrophobic, moisture-proof

Water absorption is an important parameter to measure thermal insulation material. After absorbing water, the thermal insulation performance of the thermal insulation material decreases. In the case of low temperature, the water inhaled is easy to freeze, which destroys the structure of the thermal insulation material, thus reducing the compressive resistance and thermal insulation performance of the plate. Because polystyrene molecular structure itself does not absorb water, plate molecular structure is stable, no gap, solving other materials leakage, infiltration, frost, condensation and other problems.

4. Light weight, easy to use

XPS board’s fully closed cellular foam chemical structure and its honeycomb physical structure make it light weight, high strength, easy to cut, transport, not easy to break, easy to install.

5. Good stability and anticorrosion

In use for a long period of time, it will not be aged, won’t break down and produce harmful substances. Its chemical performance is very stable. After absorbing water and corrosion degradation, its performance is still stable. Under the environment of high temperature, it can still maintain its superior performance. According to relevant data, XPS extruded thermal insulation boards even after used for 30 ~ 40 years, still can maintain the outstanding performance, and won’t decompose or mildew and no volatile toxic substances.


xps foaming board extrusion line 4

xps foaming board extrusion line 2

xps foaming board extrusion line 8

xps foaming board extrusion line 7



 Extruder Type Single screw extruder GWS65/90 Single screw extruder GWS120/150 Single screw extruder GWS150/200 Parallel twin screw extruder GWP75/150 Parallel twin screw extruder GWP95/250
Net width 600mm, 900mm 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm 900mm, 1200mm
Thickness range 20-60mm
Capacity 100-150kg/h 200-300kg/h 300-550kg/h 450-650kg/h 800-1000kg/h
foaming valume 100-150m³/24H 150-250m³/24H 300-400m³/24H 350-450m³/24H 650-800m³/24H


GWELL as China Plastic Extruder manufacturer,XPS extruded polystyrene foam board (XPS for short) has a perfect closed hole honeycomb structure. It is currently the best insulation material the market recognized as.

Recycled EPS polystyrene granules is the main raw material. Its density, water absorption, steam permeability coefficient and thermal conductivity is lower than other types of tabular heat preservation material.

Thus it has a strong intensity, light material, airtight, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low price, etc.

It is widely used in heat preservation and heat insulation roofing system; cold storage, barracks, grain storage, and civil building wall inside and outside the thermal insulation; airport runway, square and other ground construction; civil engineering of highway and railway; apartment, office building, factory building partition system and so on.


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