PP Sheet Extrusion Line

The PP Sheet Extrusion Line is your gateway to efficient and high-quality polypropylene sheet production. This state-of-the-art equipment ensures precision, consistency, and cost-effectiveness in crafting PP sheets for various applications. Upgrade your manufacturing with this advanced extrusion line.



Process Flows

PP Sheet Extrusion Line
PP Sheet Extrusion Line

Extruder —- Screen changer —–Melt pump —– T-die —— Calender —– Cooling bracket —– Haul-off—- winder



China plastic extruder manufacturer – GWELL can use single extruder, double extruder and multiple extruders co-extrusion technology to produce single-layer, double-layer or three-layer and multi-layer (mostly five-layer, seven-layer, nine-layer) co-extruded composite PP sheet, and can be widely used in thermoforming, printing, hardware packaging, food, clothing, stationery, toys, etc. Its main machine can adopt single screw extruder and parallel twin screw extruder, the production of sheet width up to 600mm-1220mm, thickness between 0.15mm-3mm, output up to 200kg/h-1000kg/h. It can feed stably under various formulas and have good plasticizing performance of raw materials, which not only ensures the toughness of the sheet, but also avoids the problems of thermoforming, cracking and uneven color in the later stage of the sheet.

PP sheet production line process principle

Plastic pellet – extruder: raw material melting and plasticization – quick change filter screen – extrusion die forming extrusion – three-roll calender – cooling setting device – trimming mechanism – traction conveyor – Shearing device or winding device

Production line composition

Screw extruder, screen changers, metering pumps and molds, three-roll calenders, cooling brackets, tractors, shears or winders.


  1. Equipped with precision distributor, uniform layering, adjustable proportion of each layer, digital precise control.
  2. The temperature of the roller can be adjusted, and the surface gloss of the sheet is high.
  3. High output, using oven, sheet is not easy to curl after cutting.
  4. The whole line adopts man-machine interface display, and the whole machine adopts PLC control to realize automatic control of parameter setting, data calculation and feedback, alarm and other functions, and the management operation is more convenient.
  5. Gwell independently writes the electronic control operating system.


Type of extrusion line single screw venting or not PP/PS sheet extrusion line twin screw venting PP/PS sheet extrusion line
Extrusion type Mono extruded or co-extruded
Finished Product Single layer, double-layer or multi-layer PET sheet
Raw material PP/PS vergin ,flake and crushed material
Net width 600mm-1220mm and more
Thickness range 0.15mm-2mm and more
Capacity 200kg/h-1200kg/h and more
   Application Food and fruit packing,Stationery pieces,Printing, hardware packing,electronic tray,flocking,clothing,decorative pieces,high barrier packing and more
Type of extrusion line PP/PS single-extruder extrusion line PP/PS double-extruder Co-extrusion line PP/PS multi-extruder co-extrusion multi-layer sheet extrusion line
Can produce single layer sheet Can produce double-layer or three-layer sheet Can produce multi-layer sheet, which usually has 5 layers, 7 layers or 9 layers
Type of extruder Single screw extruder or parallel twin screw extruder
Width of Products 600mm-1220mm
Thickness of Products 0.15mm-3mm
Output 200kg/h-1000kg/h



PP sheet can be made into various products through secondary processing forms such as thermoforming, mainly used for food, medicine, medical equipment and other packaging. Such as processed frozen boxes, dairy packaging boxes, fast food boxes, cold drink containers, trays, microwave utensils, etc. can be used for food packaging; Processing into blisters can be used for the packaging of solid preparations such as pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, etc. In foreign countries, especially in developed countries and regions, transparent PP sheet is widely used in food packaging and other fields.


About Gwell

Plastic extrusion equipment production plant

Innovation drives enterprise progress. Relying on the group’s strong technology, equipment strength and innovation spirit, Gwell is committed to the development of high-tech products and the international market. Gwell also actively exchanges and cooperates with world-class scientific research institutions. The new technologies, new processes and new products developed by Gwell are widely used in building materials(PP hollow sheet extrusion machine, PC optic extrusion machine), home appliances(SPC floor extrusion machine), packaging(PET sheet extrusion machine, EVOH film extrusion machine), 

medical treatment(PVC rigid sheet extrusion machine), automobiles(TPU film extrusion machine, PVB film extrusion machine), new energy(EVA solar film extrusion machine), aerospace(TPU film extrusion machine), rail transit(waterproof film extrusion machine) and other fields, which are closely related to human life.

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International Commercial Terms(Incoterms): FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW.

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Delivery date:1-4 months

We are committed to produce sheet,film,board extrusion machine.Sheet extrusion machine includes PET sheet, PP、PS sheet, PLA biodegradeble sheet, PETG sheet extrusion machine, PVC soft sheet, PMMA、GPPS sheet extrusion line and so on.Film extrusion machine includes EVA、POE solar film, PVB film, TPU film, PETG film, ASA film and so on.Board extrusion machine includes PC solid board, PP、PE board ,etc.and other extrusion machine like floor, hollow, waterproof , foaming, non-woven fabric extrusion making machine.

Our Trading capacity is about 1,000 extrusion lines every year,and Gwell has exported to over 60 countries and regions for nearly 15 years.

It will take 1-4 months to produce,which caused by different reqiurements of customers and design for each extrusion line.

Yes,Gwell sale teams will provide specification according to customer’s requirements,meanwhile we can give the technical support to customers. Beacause we are not only sales but also technicians.If you are interested in our extrusion machine,please contact us.

Yes,Gwell is complete set of customized turn-key engineering project which include hardware& software design, technology commissioning and after-sales service.Otherwise we can provide formula support.

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The whole extrusion line that we often adopt ocean shipping for saving cost,The nearest port of departure is China Shanghai,but if urgent cases like small spare parts,we will send to customer factory by air. Otherwise you can either use your own assigned shipping agent or our cooperative forwarder.

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Our service will be always at your disposal over the entire extrusion line life.So if you want to know about any other technical supports.Please contact us as soon as possible.

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