PVC Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line

GWELL, China Plastic Extruder manufacturer, PVC Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line adopts conical twin-screw extruder according to the characteristics of transparent PVC material, combined with the GWELL hopper, screen changer, melt pump enables the product to achieve highly transparent product, and the product will not turn to be hardened in the cold temperature of 30 degrees below zero.


 PVC rigid sheet extrusion line Introduce

GWELL, as China Plastic Extruder manufacturer’s PVC Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line and PVC Soft Sheet Extrusion Line, adopts conical twin-screw extruder according to the characteristics of transparent PVC material, combined with the Gwell hopper, screen changer, melt pump enables the product to achieve highly transparent product, and the product will not turn to be hardened in the cold temperature of 30 degrees below zero. Auxiliary design based on the principle of the multi-function production line, in the case of no need to make any changes to the equipment, can produce different patterns of PVC rigid sheet.

The PVC sheet  is one of the largest plastic products in the world. It is cheap and widely used. The polyvinyl chloride resin is white or light yellow powder. Different additives can be added according to different uses, and PVC plastics can exhibit different physical and mechanical properties. Adding an appropriate amount of plasticizer to polyvinyl chloride resin can make a variety of hard, soft and transparent products.

GWELL, as China Plastic Extruder manufacturer,PVC rigid sheet is also called decorative film, adhesive film, used in building materials, packaging, medicine and many other industries. The building materials industry accounts for the largest proportion, at 60%, followed by the packaging industry, and several other small-scale application industries.

PVC rigid sheet has the characteristics of flame retardant self-extinguishing, high quality, high transparency, good surface gloss, less crystal point, small water pattern, strong impact resistance, and easy molding, and is widely used in various tools, toys, Blister, folding box, packaging, etc. in electronics, food, medicine, clothing and other industries.

PVC Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line Advantages

  • The PVC Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line has a “one-click acceleration” function, which allows the equipment to achieve low-speed adjustment and high-speed production, and greatly reduces the waste of raw materials caused by the machine adjustment process;
  • Intelligent advanced control system, rapid network transmission speed, greatly reduce the transmission error of information, and make the PVC Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line more stable in speed, pressure and material conveying;
  • The winding part of the PVC Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line adopts servo control, which is more accurate, and has the function of speed synchronization with the whole machine, which makes the winding more convenient and simple, and safer;
  • Through centralized control, PVC Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line can browse all the information of the equipment on one screen, such as current, pressure, speed, temperature, vacuum pressure, etc., making the operation easier;
  • China GWELL PVC Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line adopts international Siemens variable frequency servo control and Ethernet conduction technology control to achieve high efficiency, high precision, high stability and high safety. Quickly locate errors in the event of equipment failure and enable remote maintenance, channel level diagnostics and error analysis via HMI, greatly reducing commissioning and production downtime. The highly digital system makes debugging easier and more convenient to maintain;
  • GWELL has a complete after-sales service system, from equipment installation and commissioning to the production and manufacture of high-quality products, and provides lifelong technical support so that customers have no worries.


PVC Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line Process Flows

PVC rigid sheet machine —- Screen changer —- Melt pump —- T-die —- Calender —- Cooling bracket —- Haul-off —-Winder


pvc rigid sheet extrusion line 3



PVC rigid sheet extrusion line Feature

  1. screw with a special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity design.
  2. The screen changer can filter the no-need material, and the melt pump can provide
    stable pressure to reach the objective of uniform thickness.
  3. hanger die head adopts a special BM design to make plate thickness adjustment more accurate.
  4. temperature control ±1C can accurately control the plasticizing process and product thickness and flatness.
  5. A three-roll calendar adopts a 45-degree tilt type, which can be raised or lowered freely.
  6. plate thickness control adopts screw adjustment and press wheel two-way adjustment to control plate thickness.
  7. The main models of the PVC rigid sheet extrusion line produced by GWELL include conical twin-screw 80mm extruder and 92mm extruder. The capacity of the 80 models can reach 350kg/h and the capacity of the 92 models can reach 600kg/h.


As a plastic manufacturer, China GWELL is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of plastic sheet, sheet and cast film extrusion lines. The existing two large-scale production bases are located in Taicang, Suzhou and Dafeng, Yancheng. The two bases have a total construction area of more than 216,000 square meters and a total registered capital of 50 million yuan. They can produce more than 600 extrusion production lines per year. Equipped with the equipment manufacturing capacity of super-large and heavy-duty extrusion production lines.

pvc rigid sheet extrusion line 4


pvc rigid sheet extrusion line 1


pvc rigid sheet extrusion line 9


Type of extrusion line Transparent PVC rigid sheet/plate extrusion line
Extruder type Conical twin-screw extruder 65/132, 80/156, 92/188
Raw material PVC powder
Net Width 600mm-1500mm and more
Thickness range 0.2mm-3mm and more
Capacity 200kg/h-1200kg/h and more
Application Medical packaging, Electronics packaging of products, Spare parts, Toys, Gifts, Cosmetics and etc.


PVC rigid sheet extrusion line is flexible in processing, transparent, environmentally friendly.

Feature of application: can be used in cold and heat insulation, save energy, windproof, soundproof, table pad, daylighting, industrial dumping, safety warning, protect the surface, these applications used in refrigeration, foodstuff, printing, weaving, electrics, instrument, medicine, storage. It has a good effect on insulation for electricity and harmful light.

General Application: Food, Medicine, Electronics packaging of products, Spare parts, Toys, Gifts, Cosmetics, and other products, And the production of various stationery, Shoe samples, Billboards, Magnetic cards, and etc.


About Gwell

Plastic extrusion equipment production plant

Innovation drives enterprise progress. Relying on the group’s strong technology, equipment strength and innovation spirit, Gwell is committed to the development of high-tech products and the international market. Gwell also actively exchanges and cooperates with world-class scientific research institutions. The new technologies, new processes and new products developed by Gwell are widely used in building materials(PP hollow sheet extrusion machine, PC optic extrusion machine), home appliances(SPC floor extrusion machine), packaging(PET sheet extrusion machine, EVOH film extrusion machine), 

medical treatment(PVC rigid sheet extrusion machine), automobiles(TPU film extrusion machine, PVB film extrusion machine), new energy(EVA solar film extrusion machine), aerospace(TPU film extrusion machine), rail transit(waterproof film extrusion machine) and other fields, which are closely related to human life.

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Our Trading capacity is about 1,000 extrusion lines every year,and Gwell has exported to over 60 countries and regions for nearly 15 years.

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