PVDF PP solar plate extrusion line

China Plastic Extruder Supplier- GWELL, the entire PVDF PP solar plate extrusion line is made of car body and paint, beautiful and elegant, durable and not deformed.


Gwell PVDF PP solar plate extrusion line Details

  1. The whole PVDF PP solar plate extrusion line is made of body and paint, beautiful and generous, firm and durable without deformation;
  2. A specially customized heating plate is adopted at the bottom. The transverse temperature deviation of the heating plate surface is ± 3 ℃, and the maximum temperature can be heated to 300 ℃;
  3. The transportation adopts special customized track with good heat conduction effect and wear-resistant track to realize the heating of the lower surface of the battery board and transportation in and out;
  4. The positioning and uncovering of y-axis stop plate are driven by a customized high-temperature stepping motor gear rack, and the position of the positioning device can be adjusted manually according to the size of the sample, with an adjustment range of 500-2100mm;
  5. The fixed cylinder baffle lifting positioning is adopted for the stop plate positioning in the direction of the x-axis entering the plate, and the y-axis spacing between the vacuum suction pipe and the preheating module is driven by a customized high-temperature stepping motor lead screw, and the spacing can be automatically adjusted on the man-machine operation interface;
  6. The shaft rotating plate is driven by a custom high-temperature resistant stepping motor;
  7. The top is heated by a custom far-infrared heating tube and high-temperature brown glass, and the maximum temperature can reach 300 ℃; Transverse temperature deviation of heated high temperature resistant brown glass surface ± 3 ℃;
  8. The moving speed and heating power of the infrared lamp are adjustable;
  9. The bottom of the heating plate is equipped with an automatic lifting high-temperature resistant vacuum suction cup to fix the battery plate to ensure long-term normal use within 200 ℃;
  10. GWEL Communication interface shall be reserved to communicate with the equipment in the previous and subsequent processes;
  11. The bottom suction cup and film tearing suction cup shall ensure that the adsorption force is large enough to prevent the bottom adsorption and film tearing adsorption from loosening during film tearing, so as to ensure that the film can be torn off;
  12. The bottom suction cups are independently controlled;
  13. The film tearing speed (x-axis moving speed) is evenly adjustable, and the speed is adjustable from 0 to 1000 mm/min;
  14. During film tearing, the elastic pressing plate on the film tearing shaft can ensure the firmness of the film pressing and will not loosen during film tearing;
  15. Vacuum adsorption stripping film and optional clamping claw stripping film are equipped as standard, and the vacuum adsorption clamp and clamping claw clamp can be replaced manually and freely;
  16. The temperature outside 1m from the equipment shall not exceed + 10 ℃ of the environment;
  17. The heating device box is provided with an exhaust hole with a diameter of 250;
  18. The height of the equipment worktable is 850mm ± 50mm;
  19. The customized high-temperature resistant servo motor automatically lifts the backplate close to the surface of the backplate of the solar panel, and the vacuum straw absorbs the backplate. The lifting distance can be adjusted through the parameters set on the man-machine interface;
  20. It is controlled by computer + PLC, which can save a variety of parameter settings and program calls;
  21. The temperature control adopts SSR + PID control mode, with temperature control accuracy of ± 1 ℃; The temperature control part is controlled by solid-state relay;
  22. Size of removable battery panel: L500 * w500-l1100 * w2100mm (vacuum adsorption tube clamp or claw clamp shall be customized according to the specific size and the price shall be calculated separately except those included with the purchase);
  23. Body size: l1800 * w3600 * h2200mm (subject to the actual size);
  24. Emergency stop, safety protection device, high temperature, electrified and other safety warning signs;
  25. The size of the attached vacuum pipette clamp and claw clamp is 1000 mm, which can meet the film tearing of the 985mm wide backplate;
  26. The plate entry device provided by the buyer must have the function initially determined, and the deviation of initial positioning shall be ≤ 3mm.


PVDF PP solar plate extrusion line Process Flows

pvdf pp solar back sheet

Extruder—-T-die—-Calender—-Haul off—-Cutter—-Conveyor—-Stacker


Features of China Gwell’s PVDF PP Solar Panel Extrusion Line


  1. Extruder: China Gwell, as an Extruder Supplier, uses a single-screw extruder for PVDF PP, the temperature difference between the screw and barrel is ±1°C, and the circulating water cooling system ensures the uniform thickness of PVDF in the longitudinal direction. And better plasticization and non-crosslinking.
  2. T-die: Manual T-die can modify the PVDF PP plate thickness because the Fluid speed influences the thickness. China Plastic Extruder Supplier – GWELL can use high precision T-die and well-known brands.
  3. Calendar: The strength of the roller shall ensure that the temperature fluctuation accuracy of the roller surface is ≤± 1 degree, and the straightness and radial runout of the roller surface are ≤± 0.01mm.The roller body adopts double-sided embossing and solves the technical difficulties of the sheet sticking to the roller.
  4. Cooling bracket: A cooling bracket at a distance cools the PVDF PP plate better.
  5. Conveyor: Move the plate from one side to another side.
  6. Stacker: Accumulate some plates then move to the other side.
  7. Automatic operation: GWELL, as a China Plastic Extruder manufacturer, adopts PLC automatic control to realize human-machine interface operation, and the operation is simple and automatic.



pvdf polyolefins pp back sheet extrusion line 3



 Extruder Type Single screw extruder GWS120 GWS150 Twin screw extruder GWP75 GWP95
Raw material PVDF、PP
Net width 1100-2200mm
Thickness range 0.5mm-3mm
Application solar plate


The finished product of Gwell PVDF PP Solar Black Sheet Extrusion Line, used for solar back sheet. The solar backplane is located on the back of the solar panel, which plays a role in protecting and supporting the battery, and has reliable insulation, water-resistance, and aging resistance. At the initial stage, the solar backplane has a three-layer structure (PVDF / PET / PVDF), the outer protective layer PVDF has good environmental erosion resistance, the middle layer is PET polyester film, which has good insulation performance, and the inner PVDF and Eva have good adhesion performance. Later, in order to reduce costs and consider environmental protection, some fluorine-free backplane structures appeared, such as ape backplane.

pvdf polyolefins pp back sheet extrusion line 5


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