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In order to ensure our customers are fully satisfied, our service is always at your disposal over the entire product life

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Who Are We?

Professional and reliable plastic extruder manufacturer,
provide you with quality service

Since 2010, Gwell’s growth footprint has been closely linked to the advancement of extrusion equipment in China, providing global customers with a professional one-stop solution. In the past ten years, Gwell has been highly recognized by customers all over the world and has gradually become a vane for the rapid and healthy development of the industry. Technology embodies the value of products, which is the product vision of Gwell. Fast, persistent, professional, and beyond is the corporate culture. Gwell staff continue to innovate and always adhere to the efforts to create more accurate, energy-saving, safe, zero defect-perfect products, with the world’s leading precision machining center and testing equipment. Professional shaping customer value, to create the realization of employee value, Gwell staff are working hard under the sun, with the era of a dream!

How can we help you?

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In an era of serious homogeneity, it is difficult for consumers to perceive the nuances of plastic extrusion equipment. What GWELL does is to provide customers with professional basic information on production equipment and answer their questions according to their needs. We can even help customers detect or troubleshoot problems with their previous plastic extruders.

Plastic extrusion equipment debugging

During sale

As a professional plastic extruder manufacturer, GWELL will provide detailed plastic extrusion technology solutions, including circuit diagrams and energy consumption assessments. We can also help customers plan factory layouts. Let customers buy new plastic extruders with confidence. In the process of machine production, we will also regularly report the production progress to reassure customers.

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After sale

Gwell will send engineers to our customer’s factory for installation and machine testing. During this time, our engineers will teach and train our customers’ engineers to ensure they can operate plastic extrusion machines independently. For any future technical issues related to plastic extrusion equipment, we can receive customer notifications 24*365 and respond quickly. What we do is give customers a sense of security.

Is there a demand for plastic production?

Do you need plastic extrusion equipment to help with production? Contact us with a phone call, and you will get a high-quality solution!

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What Our Customers Say About Us

A supplier we previously worked with suddenly had problems and we started our first collaboration with Gwell. To our surprise, Gwell, a plastic machinery supplier, is not only more competitive in price, but also very precise in technical control, which solves the huge difficulties faced by our company. A big thank you to cindy for the timely follow up.
Martin Foster
I was just starting my board production business when working with Gwell. Gwell is always on the lookout for issues and offers a lot of technical help and support. Now we have been working together for two years, and my company is developing very well now, thanks to Gwell, a professional supplier.
Bryan Cirius
What I admire most about Gwell is their attention to detail. I have been to their plastic extrusion machinery factory many times, so every time I have to go to the GWELL production line to see the quality of the products they make, I am very happy, after many years, their quality is still so good, for different markets, They are very good at quality control and keep up with market changes.
Jane Dowser

Are there any technical supports for extrusion machine that you need?

Our service will be always at your disposal over the entire extrusion line life. So if you want to know about any other GWELL extrusion line technical supports. Please contact us as soon as possible.