GWELL:Tpu Car Paint Protection Film Extrusion Line Product Science

What is the paint protection film

For those who don’t know how to maintain the car, the car paint protection film of the tpu car paint protection film extrusion line is equivalent to the screen protection film of the mobile phone. Paint protection films do much more than that. The common name of car paint protection film is invisible car clothing. This paint protection film is a kind of soft film material, and its material is also a kind of TPU as the base material. This kind of car paint protection film can isolate the original paint surface of the car from the air, and has the functions of anti-acid rain, anti-oxidation, and anti-scratch.

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What are the natural factors that cause damage to car paint

Car paint protection is recognized by more and more car owners as a commonly used car value preservation method. Because car paint contains organic components, such as the delicate skin of the human body, long-term exposure to wind and sun will cause oxidation, weathering, deterioration and natural aging; and as a frequently used vehicle, it is impossible to avoid various accelerated car paint aging. The harsh use environment quickly lost its original luster, and its protective function was also reduced. Here’s a look at some of the natural factors that can cause damage to a paint finish.

1. Iron powder (brake dust)

Iron powder refers to metal particles floating in the air. The friction of brake pads is the main source of iron powder; industrial and mining enterprises, construction sites, urban roads and both sides of railways are the main sources of iron powder. Iron powder not only adheres to the surface of the car paint, but also stabs the paint surface and embeds the inside of the car paint. Whether it is a car parked on the side of the road or a moving car, it will be damaged by iron powder to varying degrees.

2. Highway asphalt

Asphalt is a brown-black organic gelatinous substance, a mixture of high-molecular CH compounds and their non-metallic (oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen) derivatives. The high temperature bakes and softens the asphalt road, and the wheels of the newly paved road often throw the asphalt sand on the car body. Asphalt has the characteristics of water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, electrical insulation, etc. It adheres to the surface of the vehicle body, which not only affects the appearance, but also causes damage to the paint surface.

3. Acid rain

Acid rain is a “chemical hazard” to the deterioration of car paint. Acid rain not only adheres to the surface of the car paint, but also corrodes and oxidizes the car paint from the “outside” of the car paint; acid rain also leaves many spots and potholes on the car paint surface, and harmful substances are easily left in it, becoming a “pollution source that damages the car paint again.” ”, it will cause the car paint to peel and fall off in serious cases.

The origin of TPU protective film

With the rapid growth of car sales, the car repair and maintenance market is also developing rapidly. The material of tpu car paint protection film extrusion line paint protection film is constantly changing, from the original PVC to the later PU, to the later TPH, and then to the recent TPU. What is the difference between PVC, PU, ​​TPH and TPU? What are the advantages and disadvantages of paint protection film materials?

1. PU

Polyurethane material is also called polyurethane, referred to as PU. It is a new type of organic polymer material, known as the “fifth plastic”. The first generation of paint protection film is PU material. It was first used in the military field, mainly used to protect fighter jets, ships, etc. It was not gradually used for civilian use until 2004. Although polyurethane materials have good physical properties, strong toughness, flexibility and tensile strength, they are quickly eliminated from the market due to their poor weather resistance, weak alkali corrosion resistance, and easy yellowing.

2. PVC

Although PU has been eliminated by the market, people’s attention to car paint has not weakened with the elimination of PU, and the paint protection film made of PVC came into being. PVC is one of the largest plastic products in the world, the full name is polyvinyl chloride, and the main component is PVC. The PVC material is hard, has strong impact resistance and is low in price, but due to its poor tensile strength and flexibility, it is impossible to achieve an effective hemming effect in the actual installation process. And the service life of PVC material is short, yellowing, spotting, cracking and other phenomena will appear after a period of time. Although PVC has certain flame retardancy, its thermal stability is poor, and prolonged high temperature will lead to decomposition, thereby releasing toxic gases such as hydrogen chloride, which is more harmful to human body and the environment.

3. TPH

TPH is a product of the past two years. The so-called TPH, which is comparable to TPU, is actually a PVC material, but a plasticizer is added to soften the PVC material, so the construction is simpler than that of the PVC material. But its existence is due to the presence of plasticizers, which makes the product easy to become brittle, and cracks will occur after a long time. The adhesive layer of TPH products is easy to fall off, which will produce offset printing or adhesive on the paint surface, which will affect the construction effect.

4. TPU

While protecting the original car paint, people also pay attention to the protection of the environment, so the TPU paint protection film was born. The TPU of tpu car paint protection film extrusion line, also known as thermoplastic polyurethane, is processed on the basis of PU and has better cold resistance, stain resistance, ductility and self-memory. At the same time, TPU is also a mature environmental protection material, which will not pollute the environment.

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Application advantages of TPU protective film

Wide range of hardness coverage: According to changing the distribution of each reflection group of TPU, products with different hardness can be obtained, and with the increase of hardness, the products can still maintain stable ductility and wear resistance.

High impact toughness: TPU products have outstanding bearing capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, antibacterial, and yellowing resistance.

Outstanding drought resistance: TPU has a relatively low glass state change temperature, and can still maintain stable ductility, hair flexibility and other physical characteristics at minus 35 °C.

Good production and processing performance: TPU can be produced and processed by using common thermosetting raw material production and processing methods, such as injection molding, extrusion, injection molding, and lamination.

The advantages of paint protection film

1. Just like people, cars also need to wear clothes. This invisible car cover not only has a certain anti-damage resistance, but also has a super stretching effect, which can stick to the body.

2. If there is no car paint surface protective film, then the car paint may suffer from acid rain corrosion, oxidation in the air, etc., and such an invisible car cover can reduce the damage to the paint surface to a certain extent.

3. tpu car paint protection film extrusion line car paint protection film can brighten and brighten car paint to a certain extent, making the vehicle brighter and more glossy.

4. The car paint protection film has super yellowing resistance.

5. The car paint protection film has crystal-like transparency, which can not affect the color of the car paint.

6. The car paint protection film has super anti-corrosion properties.

7. The car paint protection film has super anti-scratch properties.

8. The car paint protective film has super self-recovery characteristics. When it encounters some small stones, the ductility of this protective film is very good, and it can quickly recover in a short time.

9. The car paint protection film has excellent pressure-sensitive adhesive properties.

10. The car paint protection film is also very environmentally friendly.


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