What are the advantages and uses of GWELL EVA environmental protection film

As a China EVA film extrusion line Supplier, GWELL‘s performance advantages of EVA environmental protection film make this material a vital use in many industries. However, many people do not have a deep understanding of this product and do not know what its advantages are or what it is useful in. Next, GWELL will take you to know more about this type of product. After all, this is a new generation of green and degradable material, and it is also a material with a relatively high sales volume in the current industry market.

Analysis of characteristics

1. Environmentally friendly and degradable

EVA environmental protection film is an environmentally friendly material, does not contain any heavy metal components, and can be biodegraded. Its softness is high, easy to process, the overall performance is relatively stable, and patterns can be printed according to needs.

2. Various color types

This product is available in clear and translucent colors, as well as super clear as well as plain and frosted, and solid colors. According to different uses, you can choose different colors to customize, and you can also choose according to the needs of the color.

3. Diversified texture

Different textures can be produced for this type of product. A pattern, B pattern, C pattern, ab pattern, or BC pattern, etc. can be customized to meet the needs of customer customization and realize the customization of special lines. Not only that but it can also be used for fitting and voltage sewing with different fabrics.

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Analysis of the advantages of EVA environmental protection film

1. Strong environmental protection

The environmental protection feature of China EVA environmental protection film is also its own advantage. It can achieve biodegradation. Whether it is directly discarded or burned, it will not cause any harm to the environment. In the era of environmental protection, only materials with environmental protection properties can be recognized by everyone.

2. Affordable

The price of this material is relatively more expensive than toxic PVC but less expensive than PVC that does not contain phthalates.

3. No odor and heavy metals

This material does not contain any odor or odor and is a material that meets relevant standards and does not contain any heavy metal components. Even if it is used in the production of children’s products, it will not increase any danger.

4. Super low temperature resistance

China GWELL’s EVA environmental protection film has many advantages. In addition to not containing heavy metals and being environmentally friendly, it also has the advantage of super low-temperature resistance, which can be used normally even in freezing environments. Not only that, but it also has the effect of resisting moisture and salt, and can maintain the stability of its performance under application conditions. It is more durable than ordinary materials, and its application performance is also relatively strong.

5. High thermal paste performance

Can be firmly attached to nylon, polyester, and other types. Not only can guarantee the effect of a tight fit but also can ensure the service life.

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Analysis of the use of EVA environmental protection film

1. Daily necessities

Due to the characteristics and advantages of EVA environmental protection film, it has been used in many industries. For example, in daily necessities, we often see rain gear, environmental protection saliva street, tablecloth water belt ice pack, paper, sliding pad, and wardrobe, etc. These products will be used.

2. Packaging supplies

In life, whether it is the dust cover of computers and electrical appliances, or the soft packaging of cosmetics, gift bags, and handbags, etc., are all made of EVA environmental protection film.

3. Stationery

Among stationery products, folders, file bags, stationery cassettes, and some advanced stationery are also made of this material. If you look closely, you will find that this material is used in many stationery products, and it has a long service life and strong durability.

4. Medical supplies

I have to say that EVA environmental protection film is indeed very widely used, and it is also used in medical supplies, such as medical-surgical gowns, urine bags, etc., which are commonly used. You must know that the requirements for the materials selected for medical supplies are very strict. And this material can be used in medical supplies, its quality is guaranteed, and it has the advantage of high environmental performance.

The above inventory introduces the advantages and uses of GWELL EVA environmental protection film. It is precisely because of many advantages and characteristics that it has achieved its use in many industries. And for many household appliance accessories, the use of this material has a certain degree of flexibility, and it can also achieve environmental crack resistance and strong weather resistance. In addition, the film also has certain sealing properties and adhesive properties, as well as toughness and shrinkage.

EVA environmental protection film has become an indispensable choice for some products in many industries. Moreover, the overall chemical stability is relatively good, and it also has super anti-aging and ozone-resistant strength. From a comprehensive perspective, GWELL, as a China EVA film extrusion line manufacturer, chooses it means that it is cost-effective, not only can reduce costs, but also ensure its quality.


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