GWELL talks about the price factor of EVA extrusion laminating machine

There are many types of equipment that can process plastic Film Extrusion Line but among the many equipment in China, EVA extrusion laminating machine is a kind of equipment that is used more frequently, and its production efficiency is also relatively high. relatively high. However, users who need this kind of equipment should also understand the purchase channels of China EVA extrusion laminating machine before purchasing? And what factors are directly related to the price difference, and then choose to buy.

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How to buy China EVA extrusion laminating machine

1. Buy online

Buying EVA extrusion laminating machines in China can choose different purchasing methods, especially China’s online purchase is more convenient; you can buy this laminating machine directly through online shopping. However, when choosing to buy EVA extrusion lamination machines online, there are many manufacturers selling online, including middlemen who are also willing to sell online. Therefore, when choosing to buy online, you should also compare several companies to see which one has the highest reputation. , The after-sales service is in place, so you can rest assured to buy EVA extrusion laminating machines in approved online channels.

2. Buy locally

To buy China EVA extrusion laminating machine, you can buy it locally. For example, there are such sales stores in some big cities. You can buy the model directly locally if you have the model you need. The advantage of local purchase is that it can be installed directly at the door, the transportation is also more convenient, and it can also reduce the transportation cost, so as long as it can be purchased locally, buy the EVA extrusion compound machine locally as much as possible.

3. Buy from the manufacturer

Buying an EVA extrusion laminating machine from a manufacturer is also one of the more choices because buying from a manufacturer can get close contact with the equipment, and buying from a manufacturer can also understand the entire production process, including looking at the strength of the design team, and buying from the manufacturer. You can also enjoy the factory direct selling price, and the after-sales service can also be done in place, so it is relatively safer to buy from the factory. However, when choosing a manufacturer to buy, because different manufacturers have different production processes, different quality, and different models, it is necessary to compare multiple products to see if the quality is guaranteed, the price is cheap, and the after-sales service is in place. Only then can the manufacturer be assured to buy.

Reasons for different prices of EVA extrusion laminating machines

1. Different models

The reason why the price of China EVA extrusion laminating machine is different is often directly related to the different model. If the model is larger, the price will be higher. If the model is smaller, it will be much cheaper in terms of price. The reason is that the model is relatively large, the daily production volume is relatively large, and the price is much higher. Users who need this kind of equipment can choose the model according to their own needs, to ensure that the daily production volume after purchase can satisfy them.

2. Different manufacturers

In recent years, the number of EVA extrusion laminating machine manufacturers has gradually increased, and different manufacturers also have price gaps. For example, some manufacturers are much higher in price, and some are cheaper. Therefore, if you buy from a manufacturer, you must compare them through multiple comparisons to see which one is sold directly by the manufacturer. Since there is no intermediary to make the difference, the price can be lower when you buy it.

3. Different production processes

Similarly, in terms of production technology, there will be price differences. For example, the production technology is relatively advanced, the number of people used in the entire equipment operation is small, the work efficiency is high, and the operation is relatively convenient and simple. The price is higher. If the production process is relatively backward, equipment like this will be much cheaper.

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What are the advantages of the EVA extrusion compound machine produced in China over foreign equipment?

1. Price advantage

EVA extrusion laminating machine has equipment produced in China, and there is also equipment imported from abroad. Still, the relative price advantage of EVA extrusion laminating machine produced in China is more obvious, which is much cheaper than foreign equipment in terms of price and performance. In terms of performance, it is almost the same as that of foreign EVA extrusion compound machines. Therefore, there are many customers in China who are willing to choose domestically produced EVA extrusion machines.

2. Advantages of after-sales service

Buying China EVA extrusion laminating machine also has more obvious advantages than foreign equipment in terms of after-sales service because domestic equipment in terms of after-sales service, in order to achieve user satisfaction, will be more fully committed to after-sales, as long as users have needs, no matter what Whether it is a problem encountered in the installation or some small problems in the process of use, we can help the purchaser to solve it at the first time.

With the increasing number of users who need plastic film, the number of manufacturers of China EVA extrusion laminating machines is also increasing. For users who need this kind of equipment, before choosing to buy, because there are more than one purchase channels, they can choose according to their own needs. Choose to buy. Of course, it is best to buy from the manufacturer to save money. If you buy according to the model you need and choose a regular and qualified manufacturer, you can ensure that the equipment is affordable and works efficiently.

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