What is Stone Paper Machine used for?

I. What is Stone Paper Machine

Paper is an indispensable necessity for human life. To meet the growing demand for paper, many trees have been cut down, the production process consumes a lot of clean water, high energy consumption and pollution, high emission reduction pressure, and damage to the ecological environment.

Based on the concept and dream of loving the earth, paying attention to nature and environmental protection, and supporting energy-saving and emission reduction, Gwell Machinery has organized several interdisciplinary doctoral supervisors and experts in chemical materials, polymer chemistry, mechanical design, automation control and other fields. After five years, drawing on the research and development results of synthetic paper projects at home and abroad, experts and professors have conducted in-depth research on new environment-friendly materials modified by calcium carbonate mixed plastics. Significant breakthroughs have been made in process flow and formula synthesis technology! The results have been encouraging. So far, more than 30 related R&D science and technology patents have been obtained.

On October 18, 2014, the third generation of automated process flow stone paper production line was successfully born in Taicang, Suzhou!

Stone Paper Extrusion Line can produce synthetic paper products with inorganic powder addition ratio between 40% and 80%, applying several patented technologies, consisting of raw material conveying and processing system, edge material recovery system, extrusion equipment, casting equipment, longitudinal stretching machine, transverse stretching machine, rewinder, electrical system and automatic film thickness gauge.

Stone paper machine adopts digital communication technology for machine chain control, can complete real-time online detection and control parameter setting of each monitoring point of the whole production line, realize the entire process of automatic control of stone paper production, and maximize the simplicity and ease of operation and stability and reliability of the system.

Group photo of GWELL staff team
Group photo of GWELL staff team

2. Production process of stone paper

Stone paper machine extracts calcium carbonate from limestone, then grinds the ore into ultra-fine powder with high calcium 1500-2500 mesh, followed by a second process, 85 modified calcium carbonate is added with 15 additives to make masterbatch. Finally, paper or bags are made by extrusion blown film equipment.

Stone paper technology does not need to use water in the whole Stone paper machine production process, do not need to add strong acid, strong alkali, bleaching powder and many organic chlorides. Compared with the traditional papermaking process, several essential pollution links, such as cooking, washing, bleaching, etc., are eliminated. The pollution problem caused by “three wastes” in the papermaking process is fundamentally eliminated. At the same time, because inexpensive ore powder is used as the primary raw material, the cost is 20~30 lower than that of traditional paper, and the price is 10~20 lower.

3.Stone paper machine process flow

  • (No Granulating)—paper extrusion—coating.
  • Full computer setting, automatic monitoring, automatic recording processing.
  • Automatic filling of raw materials, automatic winding and processing of products.
  • The thickness of the product is automatically set and automatically controlled.
  • Stone paper machine production process automatically dehumidifies and automatically vents.
  • The production process is automatic stretching, automatic calendering, automatic loop closing.
  • The production process is automatically cut and trimmed, and the tension is automatically controlled.
  • Automatic recycling, automatic treatment, automatic filling and reproduction of waste materials.
Staff debugging melt blown fabric extrusion line

4. Introduction to stone paper

Stone paper refers to a new type of material between paper and plastic, with large reserves and wide distribution of limestone mineral resources as the primary raw material (calcium carbonate content 70-80%), polymer as auxiliary material (content 20-30%), using polymer interface chemistry principle and polymer modification characteristics.

Made by polymer extrusion and T-die forming process, the inorganic powder environment-friendly new material stone paper product has the same writing performance and printing effect as plant fiber paper, has the core performance of plastic packaging, can replace some traditional functional paper, professional paper, and most of the conventional plastic packaging materials.

5.What is the contribution of stone paper to environmental protection?

1)Protecting resources and saving energy

Stone paper comes from mines, does not require cutting down vegetation and is great protection for forests. Stone paper machine mainly uses calcium carbonate as the primary raw material, and the whole production process does not need to add a drop of water, saving valuable water resources. At the same time, it consumes less energy than traditional wood pulp and paper, helping to improve global warming caused by carbon dioxide.

2)Reduce pollution emissions

Stone paper production does not need to be washed with water, nor strong acids, alkalis and bleaches, so there is no wastewater discharge problem and water resources are not polluted.

3)Recovery and degradation

After use, stone paper can be recycled through plastic products, crushed and squeezed after collection, and coloured plastic bags, flower pots, plastic buckets, etc. Under the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the product will crack and return to nature after breaking after some time.

4)If sent to an incinerator for combustion as a garbage disposal, it will not produce toxic gases

Because stone paper contains a lot of stone powder and a small amount of non-toxic resin when the resin is burned, the stone powder will powder, promote contact of the resin with air, and accelerate the complete combustion of the wax, so black smoke will not be generated due to hypoxia and smouldering during combustion. The non-toxic resin has no toxic exhaust gas after burning and emits less carbon dioxide.

pp pe pvc abs pvdf board sample display

6.Stone paper machine products have a wide range of application fields

  • Disposable household consumables: such as garbage bags, shopping bags, food bags, compact bags, lunch boxes, foot gloves, tablecloths, raincoats, dust covers, etc.
  • Cultural paper: printing paper, writing paper, advertising decoration paper, Dowling paper, coated paper, film paper, drawing paper, poster paper, typing paper, postal paper, cigarette paper, glassine paper, newsprint paper, etc.
  • Decoration of building materials: such as decorative wallpaper, etc.
  • Industrial packaging and other fields: such as fertilizer bags, cement bags, rice noodles bags, clothing bags, various handbags, carton cartons, etc.
  • Notable paper: fieldwork paper, underwater work paper, mine work paper, special military paper, etc.

To sum up, stone paper has excellent advantages over using trees as papermaking raw materials, environmental protection and the cost of stone raw materials. In the long term, with the further improvement and maturity of Stone paper machine technology, the cost of supporting equipment decreases, etc., stone paper technology should occupy an important place in the paper industry.


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