What does GWELL stretch film extrusion line manufacturer produce

As long as the technology of stretch film extrusion line manufacturer is high enough and the equipment is advanced enough, it can process many kinds of products to serve people’s life and work. Many people do not know about stretch film, so today China GWELL as extruder manufacturer will give you a brief introduction to the relevant information.

pet stretch film extrusion line
pet stretch film extrusion line

Products that stretch film extrusion line manufacturer can process

1. Packing belt

China stretch film extrusion line manufacturer can process the packing tape of PP material. This packing tape has good toughness and many colors and styles. It is very economical for bundling and fixing goods. High, you can adjust the length of use, which is very common in our life.

2. Plastic bags

I believe everyone is familiar with plastic bags. It can be said to be a rigid need in our lives. It can not only hold various items but also carry lightweight without weight. It is also very versatile. It can not only store different kinds of food or supplies, but also Used in other places where it is necessary, the attendance rate and demand are very high, and only the stretch film extrusion line manufacturer with a considerable production scale can achieve sufficient supply.

3. Adhesive tape

China adhesive tape is also a common product in life and work. The types of this tape are also wealthy. As long as it has good stickiness and strong toughness, it can be considered a qualified product. Although there are many types of tapes, they seem to be all. It has not shaken the status of plastic adhesive tape. It seems that it has the most advantages in terms of practicality and stickiness.

Stretch film extrusion line manufacturer choice

1. According to product quality

You must first look at the quality, no matter what product you choose. The same is valid for choosing a stretch film extrusion line manufacturer. Look at the manufacturer’s process technology and the quality of the products produced. Only qualified and reliable can reduce the trouble in use. And this product is worth the money.

2. According to the product type

Some people may buy different kinds of products at the same time when purchasing products. Still, if a manufacturer can provide various products, giving customers a one-stop purchasing experience, without having to run northeast and west, this will naturally save more time. Don’t worry, if you buy such a variety of products in one place, you will get more discounts, so manufacturers with complete products are naturally more popular.

PVC foaming board extrusion line real shot

3. According to the Service

In the process of trading, we need to identify the quality of the product and the Service. Whether it is pre-sale or after-sale, only considerate and thoughtful Service can give customers a comfortable purchasing experience while leaving a good Influence, can also bring the desire to buy, good after-sales can also develop customers into repeat customers, and also bring good evaluation to the word of mouth of stretch film extrusion line manufacturer, so the same product, with good Service is better than bad Service is more attractive.

The price calculation of the purchase of stretch film products

1. Calculated by length and demand

The products of different stretch film extrusion line manufacturers are different in terms of pricing, and the way of calculating the price is also different. Some are calculated according to the length and size of the stretch film ordered, which is generally how much one meter cost, but this kind of When calculating, the method needs to be calculated according to the processing of the machine, which is actually quite troublesome. Generally, it is only suitable for small purchases. However, because of these factors, many manufacturers have rarely used this method to calculate the price.

2. Calculated by material

The cost of processing products with different materials is naturally different, so the cost will also have a certain impact due to the different materials. The better the material, the more expensive the price, but the materials used by the regular stretch film extrusion line manufacturer are all qualified Therefore, the price is higher than that of inferior or small workshops, but the products processed from inferior materials are very worrying in terms of quality and harm to the human body.

3. Calculated by kilograms

Some stretch film extrusion line manufacturers’ PET Stretch Film Extrusion Line products will calculate the price according to the kilograms of products purchased by customers. This calculation method is also relatively common in the market, and the calculation method is relatively simple. It depends on what product is used. What material and how many kilograms did the customer buy, this extreme method is suitable for people who buy large quantities.

Then the relevant information on stretch film extrusion line manufacturer is introduced here. There are many products that can be processed by China’s stretch film extrusion technology, and similar technologies can also produce many items that are very common in our lives, such as using Bubble plastic wrap to prevent collisions, etc.

We may not know how many products are processed, but they are indispensable in our lives. And when you buy products, you only need to pay attention to the Chinese manufacturers with complete qualifications and excellent production technology, to ensure the effect of use, and there will be no troubles in quality and Service. China GWELL as extruder manufacturer, on the Stretch Film Extrusion Line, regardless of Service and quality, it is at the forefront, so if you have this need, you can feel free to inquire and look forward to cooperating with you.


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