Why GWELL’s EVA/POE film extrusion Line is more popular? Are there any advanced technologies?

1.What EVA/POE film is?

EVA/POE film is used in solar photovoltaic power stations, building curtain walls, automobile glass, functional shed film, packaging film, hot-melt adhesive, and other industries.

2. The finished product of EVA/POE film extrusion line application is what?

Gwell EVA film extrusion line utilizes EVA resins (having 30 to 33% VA content) as base material to produce EVA films for solar photovoltaic cells. In addition, this line can make hot melt adhesive EVA interlayer film by changing the formula and process. Another kind of film is EVA/POE/EVA-EPE, this type of film is made by co-extrusion line.

EVA OR EVA/POE/EVA-EPE film Applications:

  • EVA film or EPE film for solar photovoltaic cells
  • EVA or EPE film interlayer film for laminated glass
eva poe solar film extrusion line 8

3. Why GWELL’s EVA/POE film extrusion line is the hot sale?

Due to the increasingly rigorous, innovative, and comprehensive requirements of the market and customers, as a member of the manufacturing industry, the company’s equipment and products naturally strive for perfection to meet the demand and customers’ requirements.

In recent years, the company’s products have been chosen by consumers within the domestic front and selected by clients worldwide. Our customers in Russia, Spain, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Indonesia, India, and Brazil have already been enjoying the convenience and value brought by GWELL machines.

GWELL has a mature entrepreneurial management team, product design, and technology development. GWELL covers manufacturing, commissioning, operation, after-sales service, and technical training and provides customers with integrated and personalized consulting services. We try to offer feasibility studies, layout design, and discussions to promote its customers’ growth.

The most important is that every Gwell person sticks to their jobs day after day, adhering to the long-term business philosophy of “Expertise creates customers.” Almost 80% of EVA/POE film machines are made from our company in home and abroad. So why our engine is more popular than others.


  • Typically developed device for stress relief, it can effectively eliminate the residual stress produced in film stretching or other production processes, solving the problem of heat shrinkable behavior of EVA adhesive film;
  • The unique design of low-temperature extrusion guarantees that the materials be thoroughly mixed and plasticized;
  • Eliminating the issues of plastic webs sticking to chill roll surface, allowing an easy release of the film;
  • More automatic to reduce labor and save cost for our customers.
  • Our company uses two or three extruder co-extrusion with high output capacity, line speed can reach 2x13m/min.
  • Machine are exported to America, India, Turkey, Thailand, etc.
  • After-sales, although covid-19, we help abroad countries customers test the device well.
  • Gwell has professional technicians to design for our customers, so our design can be flexible even though different customers have different requirements.
  • Gwell has technical engineers sales. We can fully consider all the needs of our customers.

So our sales team is more professional than others.

Gwell Machinery has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of EVA/POE film extrusion lines, so it has a sales team. If you want to know about the EVA/POE film extrusion line in detail, please contact us.


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